Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all aspects of the conversion of new effective drugs or old drugs to pharmaceutical forms to be used safely, effectively and appropriate for the patient, both in factories or pharmaceutical preparation laboratories, which is safe and effective. The Department of Pharmaceutics seeks to improve the educational process of the Pharm D program by contributing to the improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical education. The courses offered by the department focus on basic pharmaceutical knowledge and skills like, fundamental and physical pharmacy, dosage forms design, biopharmaceutics and pharmaceutical quality control. Advanced courses also delivered like pharmacokinetics, new drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical technology, as well as the study of the principles of good manufacture practice in pharmaceutical industry.
The department implements several teaching methods including the use of the Web Programs. The department contributes to research activities of the college by utilizing the state-of-the-art research laboratory which houses different instrumentation such as differential scanning calorimetry, particle sizer analyzer with zeta potential, automated dissolution system, tableting machine and automated Transdermal diffusion tester and covering the new research areas like nanoparticles.
Faculty members in the department actively participate in community services and campaigns to increase the awareness of people about the rational drug use and the optimum use of medications.

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