About the Vice Deanship

This vice deanship assists the college dean in supervising the progress of the teaching and learning process during the university study stage, implementing the approved policies and programs related to the students’ affairs, supporting the educational services, and realization of the objectives prescribed for it.

The Deanship works in coordination with the heads of departments and through the numerous College committees to build an academic environment conducive to learning and innovation that produces creative competencies graduates who have cognitive and professional capabilities and moral commitment. Furthermore, the deanship provides the necessary support for students to improve their chances of success by providing academic support services, such as academic advising to the students.


Contact us

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Tel: 0133332020 
Email: CCSIT.VDAA@iau.edu.sa

Published on: 08 November 2022
Last update on: 08 November 2022
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