The first Medical Students' Symposium was inaugurated and sponsored by the President of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University and was concluded on Friday October 20, 2017. The symposium was organized by IAU's College of Medicine students and held in the Medical Education Center, Site I in KFHU.

Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish mentioned that "to educate themselves and their peers; our students put their soul in organizing various workshops and seminars and the job they achieve is very distinctive and worthwhile. While I observed their efforts, I was very pleased with the outcome due to its elevated level of proficiency; either of the presented researches or the symposium's accompanying exhibition. I was thrilled to see a very large variety of medical related issues."

Dr. Mohammed Al Shahrani the Medical Director of KFHU and the Symposium Supervisor added that "The symposium covered various aspects such as; Health Practitioner's Ethical Conduct, enlightening students on some of the 2030 health regulations and the importance of academic research. The symposium's target audience was Medical students. It was held for two days and it is considered the first of its kind in the Eastern Province. A booklet organized by students was distributed during the symposium and 8 booths were set up, scientific posters by students were displayed and many students from different cities in the Kingdom, from Bahrain and the UAE participated in the Symposium.

Ahmed Mohammed Al Muslami the Symposium Founder expressed that "Preparation for the symposium took over one year and was a fifty student group work, it consisted of 4 scientific workshops that was attended by 300 trainees, 30 researches were presented during the workshops and the symposium is considered the second student forum in the Kingdom that has received accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties."
Abdullah Al Kattan the Symposium Co-Founder pointed out that "The symposium had a variety of different speakers and among them were: Dr. Reem Boniyan, the Youths Nobel Prize winner Moaath Boaisha, Dr. Hatem Turkistani, Dr. Nazar Bahebri, Dr. Hanan Al Shaikh, Dr. Mohamed Al Shihrani, Dr. Abdullah Al Joodi and Dr. Thamer Al Janeed."

Winners of the three categories of the Scientific Research Competition were announced by the judging committee that constituted of Dr. Abdullah Al Joodi, Prof. Abdulmohsen Al Mullhim and Prof. Abdulaziz Al Qoraini.

The first category winners (Oral Scientific Research):
1st Place: Dana Al MadAlla
2nd Place: Nosaih Tilmsani
3rd Place: Abdulaziz Al Eissa

The second category winners (Scientific Posters):
1st Place: Latifa Al Ameer
2nd Place: Anas Al Hindi
3rd Place: Dana Al Thwaini

The third category winners (Rare Medical Cases):
1st Place: Abdullah Al Kattan and Montathar Al Ulgam
2nd Place: Lulwa Bubshait
3rd Place: Omar Al Ghamdi and Abdullah Al Kattan.

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