The College of Public Health was established at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in 1436-1437 H to produce distinguished academic qualified cadres in various public health fields. The College has three scientific departments: Environmental Health, Health Information Management & Technology and Public Health Department. The College offers a bachelor's degree in these three disciplines in addition to a master's degree in public health & Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety.


A leading college in Public Health education, research and community services, locally, regionally and internationally.


Providing a high quality professional experience focusing on education, research and community service in public health.


Respect, Diversity, Innovation, Professionalism, Social responsibility, Teamwork and Collaboration.

Strategic Plan

  • Engage students and faculty in National, Regional & International Health Events.
  • Encourage students and faculty to play significant role in raising community awareness regarding health-related issues.
  • Develop students competencies to carry out their duties as community services providers/ participators.
  • Encourage community partnerships that provide mutual learning and service opportunities for students and community partners.
  •  Create proper channels that attract and maintain student involvement in community service programs.