Our college of Public Health at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) is one of the largest universities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Our goal is to provide excellence in scientific and professional training to develop a highly competent workforce to meet the challenges and demands of healthcare in the kingdom through research and education. We are aligning ourselves with the kingdom 2030 goals to increase the average life expectancy from 74 years to 80 years; to increase women’s participation in the workforce from 22% to 30%; to lower the rate of unemployment from 11.6% to 7% and to rise from our current position form 36 in (2019) to the top 10 countries on the Global Competitiveness Index.

Our faculty are multi-faceted scholars with diverse backgrounds who demonstrate excellence and innovation in teaching to provide a vibrant and interactive teaching experience. They are renowned for their research in healthcare management, health information management, health informatics, and digital health, health education and promotion, epidemiology, health policy, food safety, and air pollution.

 We value and emphasize the importance of cutting-edge research. We train our students to conduct ethically responsible research tackling impactful questions and provide them with ample opportunities to engage in research through supervised graduate research projects.  We also provide practical and meaningful internship experiences through partnerships with local hospitals, and governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations We emphasize the value and importance of mentoring and professional development to place our graduates on a path to launch their own productive careers and to train the next generation of students.

We value collaborative efforts to ensure that at  IAU College of Public Health faculty, students, and graduates are enriched by their experience at IAU to aspire, dedicate, and achieve. Together, we continue to build and work towards excellence in public health research and education.  



Dr. Hana Mohammad Alharthi 
Dean, College Public Health

Published on: 26 April 2017
Last update on: 20 October 2022
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