The Department of Physics was established within the departments of the College of Science, which was approved based on the approval of Decree No. 7 / B / 10522 on 1/4/1423 AH, which includes the approval of the merger of the basic science departments in the various faculties of the university into one college under the name of the College of Science. Note that the Department of Physics was one of the departments of basic sciences in the College of Education, which was established in 1400 AH corresponding to 1980 AD, where the Department of Physics contributed at that time In providing the labor market with qualified graduates to work in the education sector as teachers in different stages of education.

The Department of Physics is part of the educational scientific system in the College of Science, which teaches courses in the fields of physics and the program currently includes two tracks: Materials Science Physics and Computational Physics. It aims to prepare and graduate specialists with distinguished competencies and skills in the field of physics to meet the needs of society in the educational fields so that they can carry out their duties to the fullest.  There are also several laboratories equipped with the latest scientific equipment, as well as laboratories for scientific research equipped with the latest devices and equipment, the most important of which is the nanotechnology laboratory to serve graduate students and faculty members in the department.

The study plan for the Bachelor of Physics program was developed so that the graduate obtains a  Bachelor of Science degree in Physics (Materials Physics track) after completing the academic requirements by (135) credit units, and for graduates of the Computational Physics track after completing (145)  credit units. The study units included a theoretical part and a practical part to form a broad knowledge base for the graduate to be familiar with the basic scientific concepts, theoretical laws, and how to link the two sides. In addition to the bachelor's program, the department offers a graduate program (Master's and Ph.D.), where it offers annually two master's programs in physics in materials science and a master's program in medical physics, and annually offers a doctoral program in physics with its two tracks of materials science and theoretical physics. The department currently includes many faculty members in various experimental and theoretical disciplines in the field of physics as well as a number of qualified laboratory technicians.


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