The Purchasing Department of KFHU is primarily responsible for the procurement of all supplies, equipments and services at the lowest cost that meets or exceeds the requesting department specifications for the performance of duty in support of all hospital operations. The procurement staff evaluates the capability, capacity and historical performance of a supplier and weighs in the decision process. Sourcing decisions will also be strengthened by supplier diversity and environmental impact considerations. Competitive bids will be solicited whenever possible according to practicality and compliance with all applicable government regulations and hospital policies.

The following products and services are managed by Procurement Services:

  • Capital Equipment purchases / leases and service contracts (non-clinical)
  • Consultants, Contractors and Professional Services (non-construction related)
  • Furniture and interior design services
  • Information Technology hardware and software
  • Laboratory equipment and services
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Maintenance / Repair / Operations (MRO) supplies and services
  • Office supplies
  • Office equipment (copiers, fax machines, printers)
  • Telecommunications products and services
  • Vehicles and transportation services
  • Waste management, recycling services.
Published on: 09 August 2014
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