The problem of supplying the population with freshwater is one of the significant issues facing Saudi Arabia, as mentioned in Vision 2030, which includes preserving natural resources by reducing water consumption and reuse it. Various trials occurred to produce freshwater from saline water; this is termed the desalination of water. The unit aims to treat water and find desalination methods using biodegradable and non-consumer energy polymeric materials.  Since the polymeric materials are matrices, they act as scavengers of the cations and the anions dissolved in water. Also, the use of the synthesized copolymers as heavy metal adsorbents will be checked for the water product treatment. The polymeric materials are manufactured to display disinfection efficiency to keep the freshwater free from any bacterial growth during and after the desalination process. Exhibiting disinfection efficiency, the synthesized copolymers, as an incoming goal, will be used in the RO dialysate membrane. Moreover, the regeneration of the metal ion from the polymeric matrix and its reduction to the zero state is also our goal challenge. The planning goal of our unit is its use of the synthesized polymeric materials in the agriculture of sand soil as hydrogels.

Published on: 18 December 2019
Last update on: 25 August 2020
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