The main objective of the Vice Deanship for Health Track is to counsel and guide students according to the academic plan to obtain the highest grades and pass the preparatory year. It also helps the students overcome difficulties that they might face.

The Vice Dean for Health Track

Academic supervision is a professional service that aims at identifying problems hindering students' abilities from achieving academic excellence and interacting with the university life demands. Students are offered counseling and support by raising the awareness  of students regarding  their academic responsibilities.

The responsibilities of the Vice Deanship for Health Track

  1. supervising  the implementation of laws and regulation regarding examinations
  2. supervising  the preparation of schedules for the students at the Health Track and liaising with other departments, colleges and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  3. supervising  final examinations for Health Track.
  4. upervising  the transfer courses for students moving within the university colleges or from other universities
  5.  supervising  the extracurricular activities, field visit and exhibitions
  6. supervising  the students wishing to drop, add  or defer enrolment according to the rules and regulations
  7. supervising   the preparation of lists of failing, passing and denied students
  8. supervising  the events of the orientation week presented by the Deanship of the PreparatoryYear and presenting brochures, pamphlets, booklets regarding the students' schedules and courses.
  9. supervising  the counseling of students and solving their problems that relate to their academic performance and communicating with the University Counseling Center in case a student needs any further social or psychological guidance
  10. providing the Dean with periodic reports regarding workflow at the Health track
  11.  updating the website of the PreparatoryYear pertaining to the Health Track
  12. addressing the assigned departments in the university to maintain the workflow at the Vice Deanship for Health Track.
  13. Issuing internal decisions that does not create privileges
  14. Suggesting methods and means that contribute in developing the Health track. 

The Health Track is designed for students who wish to enroll in the following colleges:

  • ‭    ‬Medicine
  • ‭    ‬Dentistry
  • ‭    ‬Nursing
  • ‭    ‬Applied Medical Sciences
  • ‭    ‬Clinical Pharmacy

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