It supervises all the development processes through the PreparatoryYear. It also aims to promote and accomplish the idea of quality control at  all the departments of the PreparatoryYear. The Vice Deanship is in charge of the  academic accreditation and the implementation and following up of the development plans of the PreparatoryYear. The Vice Deanship supervises the following 5 units at the PreparatoryYear: Students' Affairs Unit, Professional Development Unit, Quality Control Unit,  Academic Counseling Unit and Research Unit.

Academic Development Unit

It aims at active contribution to meet the training demands needed to improve the faculty members' teaching skills  in order to accomplish the objectives and vision of the PreparatoryYear and Supporting Studies.

Developing Educational Skills Committee

It aims at preparing a comprehensive plan to train the faculty members and improve their skills in light of their needs. It also implements and follows up training sessions, lectures and workshops needed to improve performance.

Administrative Development and Community Service Committee 

It aims at identifying the training needs and performing training plans for the students and university employees in cooperation with the Directorate of Administrative Development and the Deanship of Higher Education. It also offers English Language and Computer training courses, in campus, in cooperation with the assigned departments .

Education and E-learning Committee

It aims at allowing students to access learning content at any time and place. In addition, it is responsible for implementing e-learning and suggesting solutions to overcome any obstacles that might be confronted.

Quality Control Committee

It aims at promoting and implementing Quality at the Preparatory Year according to the requirements of quality and academic accreditation to achieve the goals and vision of the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies. It also prepares and delivers workshops to achieve and promote Quality in collaboration with Professional Development Unit. In addition, it supervises and follows up the implementation of course portfolio for every course at all departments of the PreparatoryYear.


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