Directorate of Library Affairs

The Directorate of library affairs has eight functional units to manage the Directorate services to support academic and research needs.

  1. Administrative and Finance Affairs
  2. Access and Users Services Unit
  3. Library Quality, Academic Accreditation and Strategic Planning Unit
  4. E-Library Systems & Digital resources Unit
  5. Scientific Production Documentation Unit
  6. Acquisition and Technical Services Unit
  7. Collection Development Unit
  8. Information, Learning and Research Commons (ILRC)

Administrative and Finance Affairs Unit 

The Finance and Administrative Affairs is responsible for executing the administrative and financial operations according to the rules and regulations for administrative and financial affairs at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. In addition, the Finance and Administrative Affairs is responsible for the administrative communications, such as incoming and outgoing communications, archiving of official communications, and any administrative issue, which is related to Directorate's staff. The following are the major functions carried out by this unit: 


  1. Supervising the administrative and financial affairs, as well as the administrative communications of the Directorate, and follow-up of the implementation of administrative and financial regulations, instructions, and decisions related to the proper functioning of work.
  2. Supervising the work related to the affairs of the staff of the Directorate. 
  3. Supervising the units affiliated to the administrative and financial affairs and coordinating the work of these units to ensure good performance.
  4. Directing and following up the implementation of the work required from the male and female administrative staff.
  5. Follow up the attendance and departure of the Directorate’s employees.
  6. Participation in the preparation of the budget of The Directorate of Library Affairs and follow-up of the expenditure on different items. 
  7. Distributing and coordinating work among affiliated organizational units and following up on implementation.
  8. Preparing periodic and annual reports of the work, activities, and achievements of the Directorate. 
  9. Follow up on the implementation of development proposals in relation to the services provided by the Directorate or the procedures for the administrative and financial workflow.
  10. Coordinating with the Dean of Library Affairs or his representative regarding finding the necessary solutions to overcome administrative, financial, and service obstacles.
  11. Evaluating the performance of the employees of the administrative and financial affairs units.
  12. Follow-up and coordination with the concerned units within the Directorate regarding acquisition of paper or electronic sources of information.
  13. Preparing the necessary exchange notes for documents related to acquiring the required demands of the Directorate, whether books or equipment.
  14. Follow up the implementation of incoming and outgoing functions in terms of receiving and delivering communications to and from the Directorate.
  15. Archiving the documents related to administrative and financial transactions in the Directorate.
  16. Management and follow-up of the maintenance work of the buildings of the Directorate.

Staff Members

Saud Abdullah Al-Dossary

Directorate of Library Affair
Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332802
Email :

Ahmed AL-Shehri 

Head of Financial affairs Unit 
Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332804
Email :

Maryam Ali Alzahrani

Head of Community Service Unit
Central Library
Phone: 00966-133337465
Email :

Abdullatif k. Alja'afr

Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332829
Email :

Rashed Abdullah AL Sobaie

Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332827
Email :

Rana Saeed Al Saqer

Public relations
Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332833
Email :

Huda Saeed Alhajery

Public relations
Central Library
Phone: 00966-133332838
Email :


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