Quality and Strategic planning Unit works towards improvement of the library system by focusing on resource management, service realization and by monitoring of the activities of library units.


  1. To manages the development, implementation, and maintenance of quality assurance (QA) policies, standards, guidelines, processes, and procedures in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.
  2. Coordinates with Deanship of Quality Assurance and National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NCAA).
  3. Ensures that process improvement strategies will be identified, documented, and implemented.
  4. Monitors the performance of library units through process reviews, walkthroughs/inspections, and internal audits.
  5. Provide consultation and leadership for the introduction of quality methodologies in library services and process development.
  6. Design, develop and implement the task management system.

Staff members

Muhammad Ajmal Khan        
Head of Unit 

Main Central Library    
Phone: 00966-133332809

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