Committee's Tasks

  1. Determining the data of faltering students in the university colleges program at the end of each semester. Deciding on cases of dismissal and additional opportunities and the feasibility of studying the summer semester for faltering student according to the study and examination regulations and its executive rules.
  2. Recommend academic cases received from college councils that require submission to the University Council regarding exceptional cases of re-enrollment or return after withdrawal, according to the study and examination regulations and its executive rules.
  3. Consider the cases of students who have exceeded the statutory period.
  4. Recommend a study of the causes of faltering students in the university's colleges program and following up on improvement plans for faltering students or those who are about to falter.
  5. Study the recommendations of the academic supervision committees in the incoming faculties regarding additional opportunities and academic courses to raise the graduation rate or to register from outside the plan for those whose registered hours are less than their academic tampering before the start of the registration period.
  6. Follow-up reports that reflect the colleges commitment to student support requirements, such as electronic preparation and assignments in the student records system.
  7. Recommend the development of electronic services in the student records system to serve the student's academic career, student guidance system and academic supervision.
  8. Review policies and procedures related to students' academic cases and ensuring their effectiveness and development.
  9. Analyze data on academic performance indicators, student progress, program completion rates, and dropout rates on a quarterly basis, and statistical data on the percentage of transferred, withdrawn, and apologized, to be used in development, planning, and decision-making.
  10. Consider the mechanisms for identifying the gifted, talented, and faltering student, and the program for sponsoring, motivating, and supporting each of them.
  11. Study the cases of faltering students in the preparatory year program and recommending them.
  12. Study exceptional transfer requests and recommend them.

Committee’s Members

Dr. Ghazi bin Abdul Rahman Al Otaibi
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dean of Admission and Registration Member
Dean of Students Affairs Member
Director of the University Counseling Center Member
Head of the Registration Department at the Deanship of Admission and Registration Member
Dr. Abdullah bin Omar Bamousa Member
Dr. Noha bint Abdullatif Al Mulla Member
Dr. Enaam bint Mansour Al Dulaijan Member
Mr. Abdulrahman Alsaaran Committee Secretary
Mr. Fahad Abdullah Al Gaoud Committee Secretary
Published on: 06 December 2018
Last update on: 07 March 2022
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