Committee Tasks

  1. Establishing the admission regulation to the bridging program and supervising the admission process in these programs.
  2. Supervising and developing the admission tests to make a good selection of the best applicants.
  3. Determining tuition fees and developing a mechanism to collect them and binding them with the course registration.
  4. Recommending pending or expanding the bridging program in health specialties in the colleges that currently offer the bridging program or other colleges such as the College of Public Health and College of Clinical Pharmacy.
  5. Supervising the update and development of study plans for current and future bridging programs.

Committee Members

Dr. Ghazi Abdulrahman Alotaibi Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Abdullah Saeed Almurayh Dean of Admission and Registration
Dr. Friyal Mubarak AL Qahtani Dean of College of Nursing
Dr. Qassim Ibrahim Almuaidi Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences
Prof. Abdulkarim bin Khalaf Al Howaish Dean, Institute of Consulting Studies
Mohammad Yousef Alluym Accountant
Fahad Abdullah Al Gaoud Secretary
Published on: 09 January 2022
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