Committee Tasks

  1. Studying the recommendations of the subcommittees regarding student irregularities. 
  2. Considering what is referred to the committee by the University President and the related university units. 
  3. Deciding on disciplinary student cases. 
  4. Applying the student behavior adjustment bylaws. 
  5. Monitoring investigative and disciplinary actions with students. 
  6. Investigating on special issues referred to the committee or assigning those who carry out the tasks 
  7. Contacting the relevant authorities inside and outside the university, following them up, and receiving and presenting the results. 
  8. Monitoring Student Behavior Control Subcommittees procedures and approving them. 
  9. Supervising the implementation of decisions issued in the irregularities. 
  10. Analyzing the decisions and penalties issued by the committee and extracting their results. 
  11. Monitoring and developing the work of the committee or its sub-committees. 
  12. Communicating with the relevant departments of the colleges, to educate students. 
  13. Counting of cases, and then monitoring the integrity of the decision taken in a special record 
  14. Approving the forms and procedural rules for the sub-committees. 

Committee Members

Dr. Ghazi Bin Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Abdullah Saeed Almurayh Dean of Admission and Registration
Dr. Ali Tared Aldossari Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Abeer Ali Bin Rashid General Director of the University Counseling Center
Dr. Faisal Khalid Altuwaijri Faculty member in Islamic Studies Department 
Dr. Sharifa Ahmed Alsafi Faculty member in Islamic Studies Department
Nouf Fahd Al Shehab A faculty member in Mathematics Department
Eng. Aied Omar Alotaibi Representative of the Legal Department
Mohammed Ahmed Alzahrani Secretary
Aisha Issa Aldossari Secretary
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