Landscape architecture is a unique specialty that bridges the gap between architecture and urban planning.  It is the art and science of creating an outdoor environment that meets the requirements of all prospective users. The discipline of landscape architecture encompasses a wide range of projects, including but not limited to:  the planning and design of parks and recreational areas, residential compounds, plazas, land reclamation for different purposes, as well as cultural and historical conservation and rehabilitation projects.

The Department of Landscape Architecture is only one of two landscape architecture departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was established in 1975 as a part of the College of Architecture and Planning when the University was founded.  In 1992, the program for the Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture was approved and the Department later began to offer a Master of Science degree in Landscape Architecture.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture Program has been structured to reinforce the abilities and skills of the students in design and analysis through a wide range of theoretical courses that support six specialized design studios, which cover the major issues of landscape architecture from site design to large-scale environmental/landscape planning.


To progress as a pioneering source of academic and professional excellence in the field of landscape architecture through creative teaching, research, and community service.


The department strives to achieve excellence in academic and professional development, research and community partnership among its faculty and graduates with a strong emphasis on the stewardship of natural and built environment.


Ambition, Commitment, Excellence, Leadership, Professionalism, Social Responsibility.

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