The academic field of Urban and Regional Planning has a significant impact and plays a vital role in the implementation of national development plans worldwide.   Saudi Arabia realized the importance of this discipline early on and since 1970's has supported the advancement and growth of this crucial field in the Kingdom.   Prepared and implemented ten five-year National Development Plans, not to mention the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and its various executive programs which have been accompanied by development at all levels and sectors of society.


Towards comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable development for Saudi regions, urban centers, and rural communities.


Provide distinctive scientific, technical, and professional knowledge; scientific research; and community services related to local, regional and national development projects and programs.


Excellence, Professionalism، Creativity, Diversity Team Spirit, Islamic and Local Culture, Social Responsibility.

Strategic Goals, Operational Objectives, and KPI’s

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning aims to achieve its vision and mission in reaching scientific and professional excellence locally and globally in urban education, scientific research, and community service. This general aim requires the achievement of a number of strategic goals of the department and several procedural objectives for the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs offered by the department.

The Strategic Goals of the URP Department and its Programs

  1. Provide high-quality learning and knowledge services.
  2. Conduct scientifically distinct and socially useful research.
  3. Provide high-quality community services.
  4. Enhance the competencies of human resources of the Department
  5. Maintain a sustainable and stimulating work environment.
  6. Enhance the efficiency of the administrative structure of the Department.
  7. Ensure economic efficiency in managing the Department.
  8. Optimize the use of advanced technologies in all activities

The URP Strategic Goals, Objectives, and KPI’s

The URP Strategic Goals, Objectives, and KPI’s

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