The accounting program curriculum has been developed to meet the demand for the rapid growth and diversification in Saudi Arabian economy;  The establishment of new financial institutions, business firms and manufacturing firms across Eastern Province and GCC states, which create a high market demand for accounting professionals; The program will contribute to the achievement of the Saudi Government’s socio-economic national development plan which has a target of having 75% of all skilled manpower hired by organizations in Saudi Arabia to be Saudi nationals. 


The structure, format and organization of this accounting program was influenced largely by programs at the Department of Accounting, College of Business, Georgia State University, USA; Department of Accounting, School of Business, University of Connecticut, USA; Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK; College of Business and Economics, City of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; and Accounting Curriculum of American University in Cairo, Egypt. However, the program structure has been specifically shaped by the guidelines of: 

  • Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) 
  • The National Commission for Academic Accreditation Assessment (NCAAA)


The Accounting Department is committed to developing a nationally venerated business education for undergraduates and graduates by developing courses that impart cutting-edge, innovative and effective knowledge to students so that they can address the rapidly changing needs of the national and international business community. Ethics will be at the heart of all accounting courses and our graduates will be valuable resources and first choice for employers. 


The Accounting program is committed to providing education of the highest standards. It empowers our graduates to become business professionals and community leaders to enhance the economic development of the Kingdom. 


  • Attract talented and intellectually curious students to the field of accounting 
  • Develop distinctive educational opportunities that provide the knowledge and skills required for graduates to succeed in providing competent professional service in the various sectors of the Saudi Arabian economic sphere 
  • Attract and retain talented and diverse faculty who are excellent teachers, productive researchers and committed to the success of our students 


Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the accounting program our graduates should be able to: 

  • Define accounting cycle in accordance with International Financial Reporting    Standards (IFRS) 
  • Describe and explain the conceptual framework underlying IFRS 
  • Prepare, interpret and analyze financial statements of a business, non-profit and government agencies based on IFRS and Government Accounting Standards.
  • Find accounting errors and devise appropriate corrective measures in accordance with IFRS
  • Use managerial and cost accounting systems
  • Apply International Auditing Standards to perform an audit
  • Express and apply Macro and Microeconomic concepts
  • Illustrate the use of methods for analyzing and synthesizing accounting data using appropriate software programs
  • State Islamic accounting and banking concepts 


Published on: 12 May 2014
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