The Vice Deanship for Quality Development and Community Service was initially established at the College of Clinical Pharmacy (COCP) in 2014 as a Quality and Development Unit (QDU) to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the quality improvement activities for the academic, clinical, research and administrative activities of the College and recommend strategies for continuous quality improvement. The vice deanship aims to involve everyone to practice quality as a culture and it works in coordination and collaboration with the Deanship for Quality and Academic Accreditation (DQAA) at the University.

The department is preparing the College for program accreditation by National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA) under leadership of the College Dean.


1-Quality Management and Academic Accreditation Unit

The Quality Management and Academic Accreditation Unit is working to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Achieving national and international accreditation of all academic programs
  • Implementing the internal quality assurance management system across the College of Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Achieving Laboratory Accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)
The Functions 
  • Conduct quality orientation programs for the new faculty and staff.
  • Follow-up and review the eligibility requirements and documents for national and international accreditation and develop appropriate plans to review the program in relation to accreditation standards.
  • Liaise with Professional Development Unit and provide training/workshops according to the program requirements.
  • Guide programs to initiate self-evaluation and supervise its implementation/action plans and review their evidences.
  • Edit, revise, and proofread all the official documents of VDQ as required.
  • Review, update and prepare Self-Study report of various programs offered at COCP in coordination with program representatives.
  • Provide staff members with information on their teaching performance and to assist further development of their teaching practices by gaining feedback from students. 
  • Ensure that evaluations and surveys are aligned with the university mission, prepare and equip all the colleges for quality assessment and academic accreditation. 
  • Collect data using ‘UDMetrics’ to maintain a database for preparing required KPIs.
  • Prepare KPI Manual for all programs and report it to the higher administration at periodic intervals.  
  • Prepare action plans towards the recommendations of Program Accreditation (EEC-NCAAA).
  • Liaise with VDQ to monitor and follow-up the recommendations and action plans of the program and course reports.
  • Evaluate performance of COCP to achieve continuous quality improvements 
  • Follow-up the KPIs and benchmarking reports.
  • Coordinate with Measurement and evaluation unit on the KPI results and planning for improvement.
  • Supervise, monitor and follow-up action plan implementation across programs in COCP. 
  • Analyze data pertaining to students’ achievement of Learning outcomes of various programs offered at IAU. 
  • Collate data to benchmark teaching and learning quality with other national and international programs. 

2-Measurement and Evaluation Unit 

The unit of Measurement and Evaluation is concerned with collecting data for Key Performance Indicators (KPI), through the various surveys assigned to the stakeholders, benchmarks, metrics, rubrics and other statistics from different sources. The reports prepared from collected data will be utilized to develop correction action plan(s) which may be shared with stakeholders.

The Functions 
  • Ensure regular evaluation of the students experience through a systematic framework of assessing students’ perceptions of programs, courses, and quality of administrative and support services. 
  • Analyze data pertaining to students’ achievement of learning outcomes of various courses and programs offered at COCP.
  • Collate data to benchmark teaching and learning quality with other national and international programs.
  • Provide staff members with information on their teaching performance and to assist further development of their teaching practices by gaining feedback from students.
  • Generate inputs for academic staff promotion and performance management processes and teaching portfolios.
  • Coordinate with Quality IT Unit of DQAA and collect data using ‘UDMetrics’ to maintain a database for preparing required KPIs.
  • Prepare KPI Manual for both college and program and report it to the VDQDCS at periodic intervals.

3-Risk Management Unit 

To cater for risk management in COCP, a risk management unit was established as one of VDQ units. The unit is responsible for following risk management functions:

The Functions 
  • Prepare a Risk Management Handbook for the college based on IAU risk management manual and university policies.
  • Identify tools, policies, and procedures needed to modify and control risks.
  • Conduct college-wide awareness training to spread the culture of risk management and communicate the risk management plan to all departments and units.
  • Help programs, departments of COCP to develop their risk management plans.
  • Conduct annual review of risk management plans, update the risk handbook, and to develop policies to deal with the risk.
  • Create a mechanism for implementation of risk management in all COCP programs and departments.
  • Coordinate with security and safety directorate on monitoring and reporting safety issues and conduct a joint root cause analysis to identify opportunities of improvement.
  • Follow up and periodically auditing and reporting the implementation of risk management plans.
  • Prepare risk register for various risks facing COCP and update them continuously.

4-Professional Development Unit 

The Professional Development Unit recognizes the COCP members in the advancement of education, research and service missions. The unit aims to promote activities and opportunities that help one grow in terms of performance, satisfaction, and status within the workplace.

The Functions 
  • Perform training needs assessment of programs offered by COCP.
  • Coordinate with related deanships and prepare yearly calendar for the Training Unit
  • Plan and conduct regular training programs in the form of workshops, discussion forums and seminars for the faculty and staff on the topics related to quality, analysis, evaluation, and accreditation tools to ensure high-quality education.
  • Create opportunities to train staff members to be qualified and prepared in the above-mentioned topics.

5- Excellence Award Committee 

The Excellence Award Committee of COCP is to advises the college administration on presentation of award of excellence in teaching, scientific research, community service and administrative creativity. The committee has the following functions.

The Functions 
  • Plans and implements an annual program to recognize members of COCP for excellence in their service or achievement for the College and the University.
  • Solicits written nominations from COCP employees and students. 
  • Accepts and screens the names of those nominated to receive the awards and recommends prospective candidates to the college administration.

6-Alumni Affairs Unit 

The role Alumni Affairs Unit is to communicate with the graduates of the program and has the following functions. The unit take initiative establish COCP Alumni network, set-up and update the alumni database, conduct an Alumni survey periodically in collaboration with Alumni & career development center, and organize Alumni forum/meeting periodically.

7-Public Relation Unit 

This unit is in charge with public relations and media to publish the college's events and activities to the university and the outside community. The unit has the following functions.

The Functions 
  • Coordinate with the University's Public Relations Unit to dissimilate the college's events and the services it offers to the community and to organize events and conferences in the college.
  • Dissimilate information about the college and develop a positive image of it in its affiliates and the public.
  • Publish all the college's news and advertisements and facilitate the task of getting information about the college.
  • Interact with the community and provide community members with accurate statistical information.
  • Develop and publish brochures of the college's events and achievements, and distribute them inside and outside the university.
  • Assist the college and departments in implementing events and conferences.

8-Community Service Unit 

The Community services unit in the COCP is to encourage and initiate active community service efforts to be undertaken by members of the faculty and the student body. In addition to this the unit is required to encourage the participating members of staff to officially document any community service activity undertaken via electronically uploading the information onto the Social Responsibility Bank of IAU. The unit is responsible for keeping college records of any activity undertaken by members of the faculty or the student body and summarizing all Community service activities in a yearly report.


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