1-Scientific Research Committee 

  • Help achieve the vision and mission of the College by developing the strategic plan for scientific research in the college and to implement it in an effective manner.  
  • Develop policies related to research and research ethics, which would be in accordance with the national byelaws of research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Determine the priorities of scientific research in the college/program to meet the needs of the community.
  • Encourage and support scientific research in the college.
  • Review and revise the research projects submitted by researchers and will improve the quality of proposals to enhance the possibility of acceptance within and outside the University. 
  • Initiate and develop infrastructure for research such as Laboratories and Equipment's (machines). 
  • Provide consultations to improve the scientific research in the Program/College. 
  • Encourage collaboration in research with other programs/colleges within the University and other Universities (i.e. national and international level). 
  • Prepare a database about scientific research in the Program/College including grants and published papers. 
  • Follow up the research process by doing surveys/questionnaire to get the feedback of the researchers. This will help in facilitating the job and improving the research outcome. 
  • Review and follow-up scientific research to confirm that this research meet the criteria of scientific research ethics and to take a decision on whether it has to be referred to scientific research ethics committee of the University 
  • Facilitate and organize annual research days where students and faculty would be able to present their latest research 
  • Set up criteria for selecting the best research prize and nominating the evaluation committee. 
  • Help students to establish "students research club" and supervising it.

2-Field & Experiential Training Unit

  • Prepare and monitor the training (field experience) plan for students of the internship year.
  • Monitor the interns’ performance through regular reports provided by preceptors at the different training sites.
  • Seek feedback regularly from the training sites about students’ performance.
  • Seek feedback regularly from students.
  • Suggest new training sites or removing some other training sites according to the evaluation of these sites.
  • Prepare the annual report of the training committee.
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