Students Council

The students council of the College of Design consists of members that are elected by the College of Design students in the beginning of every academic year. The students council is responsible for arranging activities and suggest event in alignment with the college’s vision, and supervised by the Dean, and the coordinator of students activities. All activities and events are announced via the official Instagram account of the college of design.

There are a number of activities that are conducted every semester. However, the College of Design has been recognized by some events that are periodically conducted by the students council:


Asdam is a lecture series that is presented by a selected faculty member or a student to talk about the pivotal moments that have influenced their professional and personal lives. These lectures are conducted in the main auditorium. Each lecture is a 40-minute segment that is open to all students of the college.


This is an interactive event that allow students to explore their thoughts and feelings creatively through art. Anaan installations are placed in the main atrium in the college, and usually conducted prior to major submission weeks as an outlet for students’ anxiety and stress.  


This is an initiative that benefits all college of design students throughout the semester. Every semester Modeem announces a call for students to contribute their extra tools and materials that have not been used to Modeem spot. All these tools and materials are then collected and placed in Modeem room, where students can borrow any of these tools anytime throughout the semester.  Modeem Room is located in the First Floor Room No. 227


In addition to the above activities there are many other events that are conducted by the students council such as debates, games, and trips.

Published on: 16 September 2020
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