The Academic advising and counseling unit in the College of design at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University provides students with the guidance and support they may need during their studies. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who is well informed of the students’ academic performance through PeopleSoft.

The services of the academic advising and counseling unit focuses on several aspects including providing students with the support needed during the learning process by assisting them in taking informed decisions related to their learning and career goals. Additionally, the unit help students to overcome any academic or personal difficulties that may effect their educational progress.

The unit also focuses on providing students with the needed information related to the requirements of the program, any inquires related to the registration or withdraw of courses. Students with academic or physical challenges are also assisted by providing regular consultation and setting a plan to monitor their progress. The unit also work on identifying gifted students and help them in recognizing their talents and improve their skills through workshops and lectures. 

In addition to the academic support, the unit provide the psychological assistance if needed. Students can be transferred to a professional consultant from the IAU counseling center to get the needed help confidentially.


Head of Academic Advising and Counselling Unit

Dr. Deema Faisal Al Saleh

College of Design Building 700- Ground Floor, Office 106

Office Extension: 31914


Psychological Consultant

Dr. Amneh Zayed Khlaif Al-Lsassmah

College of Design Building 700- Second Floor, Office 313

Office Extension: 32668



Published on: 27 June 2020
Last update on: 24 August 2022
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