The College of Design was established as part of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University with the intention of providing not only the Kingdom but also the region as a whole with experienced, creative, and professionally trained designers who can effectively combine elements from the local context with superior designs; while at the same time holding their own with their international counterparts.  The College provides all of its students with the knowledge and tools to design for sustainability, and this focus on sustainability distinguishes the College of Design not only on the local level but in the international design scene as well.

The College of Design brings together a highly qualified group of faculty members with diverse design and academic backgrounds. This mix exposes the students to a broad spectrum of design approaches and helps open up future horizons. The College of Design enjoys a solid reputation across the Kingdom as well as the neighboring GCC countries since it is rooted in the history of the region.  The College was set up in 1975 when University was started.  It was originally just a department in the College of Architecture and Planning, one of the original four founding colleges. This department was not only the first Interior Architecture Department in the Kingdom but in the entire GCC.  The growth experienced by this department over the years allowed it to grow into a college in its own right, which now encompasses four academic departments. These new departments cater to the high demands of the developmental phases Saudi Arabia is undergoing in the social, economic, industrial, and academic sectors. The College excels in its selection of academically qualified students who are the backbone of the College’s success in graduating highly qualified and creative professionals.

The College of Design looks to the future with confidence by coordinating its efforts with the developmental plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as providing local companies with professional, creative, and talented designers.

Dr. Mai Ibrahim Shukri
Dean, College of Design

Published on: 19 March 2014
Last update on: 20 October 2022
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