The Department of Health Information Management and Technology is concerned with the planning, collection, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of health data for quality health care services.  With the advances and innovations currently taking place across all disciplines, especially in the field of information, the need for highly qualified personnel in the field of health information management has increased.


To be pioneers in the profession of Health Information Management and Technology nationally and regionally. 


Prepare qualified specialists in the field of Health Information Management and Technology by offering distinguished education in a multidisciplinary environment and conducting evidence-based research to enhance the delivery of healthcare and public health services. 


  • Ensure a culture of teaching excellence where faculty members strive to improve their teaching practices and enrich students’ learning experience. 
  • Develop a collaborative and supportive research environment that values conducting and publishing high-quality research. 
  • Preparing HIMT professionals to be leaders in the health fields. 
  • Increase community participation and publicize the achievement of the department.

Graduate Attribute

At the end of HIMT program, the highly qualified graduate should have the following attributes: 

  • HIMT specialist equipped with knowledge and skills essential for providing professional services in different healthcare sectors, health insurance companies, and research centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • HIMT graduates are able to solve important health issues through multidisciplinary approaches (including health informatics, healthcare quality, and health information management) by applying the latest scientific knowledge, research results, and teamwork. 
  • Able to conduct and support advanced researches in the field of the HIMT  



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