To be a centre of academic excellence and among the top educational choices in the region for environmental health with an outstanding curriculum thorough training program and a renowned research centre committed to providing a safe and secure environment in not only the Eastern Province, but throughout the Kingdom.


Contribute to the preparation of environmental health professionals, provide advisory expertise and establish a database for the different environmental fields, which will enhance the position of Kingdom through its awareness of environmental issues.


Prepare a professional environmental health specialist with the following criteria:

  • A professional who is up-to-date on the latest research regarding environmental health issues.
  • Have an excellent understanding of the different environmental fields.
  • The ability to identify local and international environmental problems.
  • The capability of making decisions and solving various environmental challenges.

Job Opportunities

The role of environmental health specialist is central to community service and can serve in many public and private sectors such as:

  • The industrial sector of all types.
  • Health sector in various ways.
  • Government sector such as municipalities, and the Ministries of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
  • The regulatory sector such as the Meteorological and Environmental Protection Authority and the Food and Drug Authority.
  • Civil Defence and National Guard.
  • Special environmental consulting offices.


  • The environmental health graduates are prepared to begin their careers both inside KSA and abroad in industries such as:  oil and gas companies, environmental agencies and hospitals.
  • The Department’s laboratories are stocked with the latest state-of-the-art research equipment.
  • Each student will create his own graduation project with one of our industrial partners.
  • The Department’s faculty is made up of highly qualified teachers and researchers whose vast experiences managing real environmental cases, bring a unparalleled level of expertise to the classroom.