The Vice Deanship is aiming to provide high quality and professional academic services to the students at the College of Public Health. In addition, the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs strives to develop the academic services at the College of Public Health to achieve excellence in education through performance improvement and problem solving. 



  • Supporting students through the development of an enthusiastic academic environment. 
  • Familiarizing students with the policies and procedures pertinent to university studies and examinations. 
  • Monitoring the progress of students throughout their study in the University. 
  • Coordinating with the pertinent departments inside and outside the college to overcome challenges that may be encountered by the students. 
  • Encouraging students to develop personal skills and creative abilities. 
  • Preparing graduates for distinguished professional careers that positively represent the College of Public Health and Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.


  • Admission and Registration Unit: Admission and Registration unit provides students with services pertinent to, semester enrollment, course enrollment, transfer and visits to/from inside/outside the university, credit transfer, withdrawal/postponement/hold requests, change of major tracks, among other registration and enrollment services.
    This unit also oversees the services provided through the electronic Student Information System (SIS), including:
    • Entering, revising, and editing the course inventory data and timetable in SIS, based on the study plan of all the academic programs offered by the College of Public Health, including the approved amendments, course prerequisites, and course co-requisites. 
    • Publishing and editing courses scheduled on the system. 
    • Linking faculty members to their assigned courses electronically.
    • Solving student registration difficulties during enrollment. 
    • Compiling and reporting student registration and faculty workload data periodically.

  • Student Advising Unit: Faculty members at the College of Public Health participate in student advising and guidance within the framework of the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs, the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs, and the University Counseling Center. The unit assigns each student with a faculty Supervisor, and facilitates faculty members to be familiarized with their roles pertinent to:
    • Providing student advice and guidance in terms of course registration. 
    • Examining cases referred by the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs in terms of:
      • Registration/add/drop course/semester, postponement/withdrawal requests,
      • Credit transfer requests, Discontinue/rejoin requests,
      • Absenteeism and poor academic performance, 
      • Special cases that require coordination with the University Counseling Center to facilitate professional interventions. 

  • Testing and Scheduling Unit: This unit works closely with the Center for Exam and Assessment Quality, under the umbrella of the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs. This unit monitors updates of examinations and assessment policies and procedures and ensures proper implementation at the college level. The unit oversees the preparation of course and exam timetables, according to the numbers of registered students and the operational capacities of laboratories and classrooms. The unit also provides the services of optical mark reader (OMR) assisted scanning of examination papers to measure the students’ achievement level of learning outcomes of each course.
  • Student Affairs Unit: This unit oversees student activities, events, and social occasions that ensure students’ engagement and active participation in the university environment. This unit also monitors the proper utilization of university resources available to support students financially, intellectually, and technically. The unit also oversees the practices of the Student Council and the College Club, which collectively instill a culture of inclusion and affiliation.
  • Means and Curricula Unit: This unit focuses on the continuous revision, and development of curricula and educational means to support the processes of teaching and learning. The unit also pays special attention to the periodic updating of curricula, study plans, and the availability of up-to-date means and tools to keep up with scientific developments and requirements of the job market. In addition, this unit facilitates E-learning through the development and archiving of course electronic content and E-resources, as well as the delivery of workshops and the development of instruction manuals that help faculty members and students in the utilization of BlackBoard based e-learning features. 



Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs


Phone: 0133335219

Published on: 24 March 2021
Last update on: 22 November 2021