Leadership in providing continuing education that keeps pace with the requirements of the labor market.



 Providing continuing education services and cognitive and vocational rehabilitation using modern educational strategies.



The Continuing Education Center at the College of Science and Humanities in Jubail was established to provide the best educational and training practices based on contemporary global trends, to invest in the college members’ capacities in the field of training, to increase the efficiency of trainees, and to raise their level of performance by acquiring technical, professional and cultural skills and experiences.


Continuing Education Center Workshops

  • Managing continuing education activities.
  • Providing appropriate specialized training and workshops in cooperation with the Computer Department and the English Language Department.
  • Providing courses that keep pace with labor market requirements to raise the competencies and skills of community members in various fields of training.


Target Groups

  • Employees of government and private sectors.
  • University students and graduates.
  • Charity organizations 
  • Different groups of society


IAU Continuing Education Center

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