Under the umbrella of the University's Alumni Center, the College's Alumni Unit is concerned with follow-up and support systems for its graduates and for students expected to graduate, as it provides various programs and services that help graduates prepare for the labor market. The unit also works to develop communication channels with its graduates and exploit their professional and scientific expertise. These efforts aim to enhance opportunities for professional success and permanent communication with the scientific and practical community for beneficiaries. 

The Alumni Unit carries out a set of tasks and work aimed at documenting and updating the database and information related to the college’s graduates and their achievements. The unit also works to obtain feedback and opinions from graduates through periodic meetings and satisfaction surveys, with the aim of improving the college’s services and meeting the needs of graduates. 

The unit encourages graduates to support their college in various aspects, and is interested in organizing special events for graduates with the aim of clarifying the college’s achievements and current activities. The unit also works to encourage graduates to participate in college activities, by organizing events and opportunities for communication and interaction. 

In addition, the Alumni and Career Development Center provides a means of continuous communication with graduates, by assigning them a special e-mail. This aims to maintain communication and provide support and career guidance to graduates in various fields. 

The Alumni and Career Development Center has two main objectives:

The first objective is to provide counseling guidance to students regarding planning and preparing them for a job.

The second objective is to strengthen and develop the graduate community, both before and after graduation, and to enhance the connection and communication between students, graduates and the university. 

Cooperation took place between the Alumni Unit, the Continuing Education and Faculty Development Unit, and the Subul platform of the Hadaf Center to provide workshops and lectures for graduates. All graduates are invited to attend lectures, whether in person or remotely. 

In addition, the college maintains alumni outreach by planning to meet and invite all college graduates every year. 


The College's Alumni Unit is an essential component in order to achieve its goals of providing career guidance and enhancing networking between current students and alumni. The unit contributes to preparing and developing graduates to achieve their professional ambitions by providing career advice and guidance and providing them with the necessary support. In addition, the unit establishes permanent and continuous communication between the university and graduates, by holding meetings and events that bring together graduates and enhance communication and cooperation between them and the college community. This helps in strengthening professional networking relationships and providing suitable employment opportunities for graduates. 

The scope of the Alumni and Career Development Unit includes many responsibilities aimed at updating the database and information about college graduates and their achievements. This is done by using questionnaire tools to inquire about graduates’ opinions and comments, and to encourage them to support the college in various aspects. 

First, the Alumni Unit creates a database for graduates, by collecting the necessary information about them and storing it in an organized manner. This aims to maintain an accurate and comprehensive record that is consistent with the needs of the college and the aspirations of graduates. 

Secondly, the alumni unit undertakes a graduates' satisfaction survey and analyzes the results obtained. Based on these results, he discusses important observations with the relevant departments within the college, with the aim of improving the quality of education and services provided. 

Third, the Alumni Unit is keen to communicate continuously with graduates, whether via phone calls, e-mail, or social media, in order to exchange information and news, and to provide support and assistance to graduates in any field they need. 

Fourth, the Alumni Unit organizes events and activities aimed at clarifying the college’s achievements and the latest activities it is undertaking. This is done by organizing lectures, meetings and workshops, where graduates are invited to participate, communicate and exchange experiences. 

Finally, the Alumni Unit works to encourage graduates to support the college financially, by requesting donations and directing financial contributions to develop the college and achieve its goals and future vision

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Alumni Center
Tel: 0133338688

Email: cedfj.alumni@iau.edu.sa

Twitter: AlumniJubail

Alumni and Career Development Unit Director

Shimma Waleed Nasser Balula, 38688

Office: 193 Building C

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