• The student identifies plant groups and explores the wide diversity of the plant world.
  • Recognize the evolutionary changes of the plants.
  • Identify the most important plant environments and communities.
  • The student recognizes the concept of stress physiology.
  • The student understands the different water relationships in plants.
  • The student recognizes the importance of enzymatic activity and plant metabolism.
  • The student understands the occurrence of osmotic pressure, absorption and rise of plant sap.

Devices and equipment

  • Refrigerator
  • Vibrator 
  • Projector
  • Anatomical Microscope
  • A heating pad
  • Precision scale 
  • Heater
  • pH Meter  
  • Optical Microscope
  • Low Temp Incubator 
  • Drying Oven
  • Water Bath
  • Heater with mold

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