About the Vice Deanship

The Vice Deanship's tasks 

  • Supervise the units of the vice deanship.
  • Supervise the activities and develop the capabilities of the vice deanship's employees in the field of scientific research.
  • Follow up and supervise the formation of research teams in specialized and joint fields.
  • Supervise the development of the research strategy and establish mechanisms to implement it in the college.
  • Develop plans and necessary controls to guide researchers and postgraduate students to serve development goals and adopt community problems in their studies and research.
  • Follow up the provision of material support for research from the university and the funding bodies outside the college.
  • Supervise and develop the establishment of postgraduate programs to meet national needs and directives.
  • Follow up the implementation of the activities of induction programs for postgraduate students.
  • Follow up the conditions of the college students abroad.
  • Follow up the postgraduate students academically and organization of registration procedures and schedules in postgraduate programs.
  • Follow up the College's postgraduate processes, tests and committees.
  • Supervise the development of postgraduate programs to suit national strategies and directives and the requirements of the labor market according to the university's manuals.
  • Localize all quality practices to ensure the best performance and associated with academic accreditation standards for postgraduate programs.
  • Ensure the provision of an appropriate learning environment that includes educational facilities, laboratories,and all that postgraduate programs require to ensure better performance.
  • Follow up the associations and scientific chairs at the college.
  • Coordinate with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and support the activities of the College in this field.
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurship environment at the university by setting up events, workshops, and lectures.
  • Follow up on everything related to patents, registration files and intellectual property rights and encourage the faculty members in this field.
  • Verification of the fulfilment of requests for scientific promotions, scientific sabbatical, scientific communication, and attendance at conferences presented by faculty members.
  • Supervise the completion of all requirements of the Scientific Council at the University.
  • Follow up the achievement of the strategic plan of the university in relation to the objectives of scientific research and innovation and achieve the associated performance indicators.
  • General coordination with other relevant units, departments, and vice deanships of the College.
  • Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the progress of work in the units of the Vice Deanship of the College, explaining the achievements and difficulties.
  • Follow up on updating the college's website regarding the college's vice deanship and affiliated administrative units.
  • Follow up administrative work and attend meetings and everything related to the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research and Innovation and its affiliated units. 
  • Carry out the work and other tasks assigned by the Dean of the College.

Vice Deanship Units

  1. Scientific Research Unit
  2. Scientific Publishing and Promotions Support Unit
  3. Graduate Studies Affairs Unit
  4. Scholarship and Demonstrators Unit 


Math Department Programs:

  • Master of Science in Mathematics Program

Physics Department Programs:

  • Master of Science in Physics (Theoretical Physics) Program
  • Master of Medical Physics Program
  • Master of Physics in Material Science Program
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics Program

Chemistry Department Programs:

  • Master of Science in Chemistry Program
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Program

Biology Department Programs:

  • Master of Science in Zoology Program
  • Master of Science in Microbiology Program
  • Master of Science in Botany Program

Contact Us

Vice Dean for Scientific Research & Innovation
Dr. Zainab Hussain Al Sunaidi
Ext: 37058
E-mail: zalsunaidi@iau.edu.sa

Office Manager
Latifa Ahmed Al Kaabi
Ext: 37458
E-mail: lalkaabi@iau.edu.sa

Scientific Research Unit
Farah Zamil Al Zamil
Ext: 37074
E-mail: falzamil@iau.edu.sa

Scholarship Affairs Unit
Shoaa Mohammed Al Qassimi
Ext: 37271
E-mail: salqassimi@iau.edu.sa



Graduate Studies Affairs Unit (Mathematics/Physics)
Reem Hassan Al Khalifa
Ext: 37070
E-mail: ralkilfa@iau.edu.sa

Graduate Studies Affairs Unit (Chemistry)
Mariam Abdullah Al Ateeq
Ext: 37488
E-mail: maalateeq@iau.edu.sa

Graduate Studies Affairs Unit (Biology)
Dalal Naif Al Shammary
Ext: 37485
E-mail: dalshammary@iau.edu.sa

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