The vice deanship for studies, development and community service is responsible for preparing and supervising the implementation of the college development plans in academic, administrative and technical aspect. The plan is inspired from the university and college vision and mission. The deanship aims at achieving excellence in academic, administrative and technical systems. Realizing it by simplifying business procedures, enhancing the development, evaluating performance efficiencies and quality control and training. Certainly, excellence will be reflected on advancement in quality performance and achievement in education, research and community service,

The deanship's main responsibility is to ensure the improvement of quality assurance and training, and development of the College’s departments’ programs. Additionally, instilling a culture of quality and community service in faculty, staff and students. The deanship supervises and encourages the College's departments to adhere to national academic accreditation and overall quality.  Through continuous evaluation of scientific and practical the deanship aims to reach a distinguished level nationally, regionally and globally, inspired by the national development plans in the Kingdom.

Vice Dean's Message

In the name of Allah and prayer and peace be upon the messenger.

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University aspires to reach excellence in and continuously advance the educational process by improving performance in its colleges and programs. Therefore, the university established the vice deanship of science college for studies, development and community service. The deanship is one of the pillars in the college in achieving the university and college vision and mission. The deanship adheres to introducing, applying and spreading a culture of quality and quality assurance to establish its vision. Improving quality to a level comparable to reputable national and international institutes by advancing educational programs, teaching methods and research capacities of the college and its faculty. In addition, the deanship is continuously working on improving administrative staff skills. Accomplishing a culture of quality assurance along with advancing teaching and research environment aims to improve students’ educational experience and achieve excellence in all of our college outcomes. Thus, a strategic plan inspired by the university strategic plan were formulated to achieve these goals. The plan is based on continuous evaluation using measurable standards applied across all programs in the college. Strategically aiming to obtain academic accreditation from the National Center for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation for all programs of the college.

The deanship recognizes the important role academic and administrative staff play in achieving excellence in the college culture. Thus, the deanship strives to engage educational and administrative staff in applying and developing quality assurance and educational program.  All relying on God Almighty and inspired by the Prophet words (peace be upon him): “Allah loves for one of you when performing a deed to perform it properly”. The deanship with the support of the university leadership, in particular His Excellency the Rector of the University, aims to steadily improve and overcome all the difficulties towards becoming a university of excellence.

The University location in the Eastern Province, a region leading the economic development of the kingdom, has made college-community integration a primary goal. The vice deanship has implemented several aspects to enhance the role of Science College in community development and service. First, investing in the educational process, and the development and intensification of community services and volunteer activities. Second, the development is directed towards improving the College scientific disciplines and programs. Third, the college activities should be directed by to the community interests and needs and fueled by the voluntary work of the academic and administrative staff as well as students. Fourth, the college aims to enhance the exchanging experiences and skills development within the community. finally, the deanship targets partnerships development with relevant social and service sectors which may help develop a voluntary work system and improve voluntary services. By grace of Allah, the college hope to establish a network of community relations built on constructive interaction on the basis of equal partnership and social responsibility.

Vice Dean for Studies, Development and Community Service

Dr. Ibtisam Mohammad Ababutain


Excellence in academic, administrative and community services practices in accordance with quality standards.


Preparation of the college policies and strategies founded on science-based decision making and management. Strategies that would enhance the competencies of academic, administrative and technical staff to achieve effective community participation.


  • Supervising the implementation of National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation standards and policies in the college. In order to prepare the college academic programs for the national, regional and international accreditation in coordination with the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation.
  • Developing academic and administrative performance standards and measures.
  • Applying and educating the concept of education quality.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the educational process’s performance based on stakeholders’ feedback, and oversee the improvement plans.
  • Evaluating and implementing faculty and staff development training sessions.
  • Attaining excellence in the college’s departments and directorates in education, research and management. That is facilitated by providing guidance of evaluation mechanisms, measurements and indicators high quality performance.
  • Preparing performance indicators for the college departments and programs.
  • Upgrading faculties teaching methods and administrative and technical staff skills based on most advanced practices internationally.
  • Strengthen college-community relations to ultimately increase community competence and help develop community knowledge and abilities. This can be achieved by providing a variety of high-quality community education programs and spreading a culture of community service among the faculty members.

Vice Deanship Units:

  1. Quality Control and Academic Accreditation Unit.

  2. Performance Development and Functional Excellence Unit.

  3. Statistical Analysis and Measurement Unit.

  4. Awareness and Community Service Unit.

  5. Alumni and Career Development Unit.

Organizational Structure

Contact US

The Office of Vice Dean for Studies, Development and Community Service

Office Manager

Tel: 013-3337159

E-mail: sci.qd@iau.edu.sa 

Quality Control & Academic Accreditation Unit

Tel: 013-3337253 -  013-3337090


Performance Development & Functional Excellence Unit

Tel: 013-3337093

E-mail: vpsdcs.pdfe@iau.edu.sa

 Statistical Analysis & Measurement Unit

Tel: 013-3337005


Awareness & Community Service Unit

Tel: 013-3337085 - 013-3337489


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