The Department of Neurology provides services, education, research and academic activities to the patient presenting in ER and Neurology Clinics for Neurology service, referrals from other hospitals and health care systems in the Eastern Region, patient relatives / attendants/ care givers of patients, referrals for clinical neurophysiology (CNP) from in-patient and OPD, referrals CNP from other hospitals in the Eastern Region, medical students and post graduate trainees, rotating residents and interns and all clinical departments of hospitals.

Scope of Services

  • One Consultant covers the floor and consultation service for two weeks along with the team of trainee Residents and then changes by another Consultant. 
  • The department conduct OPD’s morning meeting, teaching, research activities and their respective duties, like EMG and EEG.
  • The Department of Neurology has an on-call rota for Residents as first on call (daily), Specialists as 2nd on call (most of the days of the month) and a Consultant as 3rd on call (whole month). Furthermore, the department also provides subspecialty on-call like stroke, neuromuscular and epilepsy coverage. On-calls among consultants are divided according to the number of available consultants.
  • The Department of Neurology provides regular service to all the internal and external customers by offering standard clinical neurophysiological services including EEG, NCS/EMG and evoked potentials. Botox injection therapy to relevant patients is provided as well.

Diagnostic and therapeutic Modalities used

  • EEG, VEEG through digital EEG machine.
  • NCS/EMG/EP through digital machine.

Hours of Service Provision

  • Official working hours are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Working days: Sunday through Thursday.
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