The Department of Orthopedic Surgery provides routine care to all pediatric and adult patients for both genders who are admitted to the hospital that needs orthopedic medical care, from outpatient clinic, referral from other services or from other hospital. All clinics introduce high standard specialized orthopedic surgical care. Areas that were given special interest were spinal injuries and disorders, orthopedic complications in sickle cell disease, osteoarthritis of the knee and congenital dislocation of the hip. The Department has been a regional center for postgraduate training over the past years and has been involved in structural training for all trainees in the Saudi board program for Orthopedic Surgery. The service is compose of 11 Consultants, 4 Specialists, trainee residents and intern.

The Orthopedic Department provides the following services

  • Subspecialty clinics including
  1. Spine
  2. Arthroplasty
  3. Sport and Arthroscopy
  4. Pediatric
  5. Shoulder & upper limb
  6. Limb Reconstruction
  7. Trauma
  8. Foot and Ankle
  • There are 4 fractures clinic which follow and treat patients with general musculoskeletal trauma and fractures.
  • All patients underwent full medical evaluation and investigation before intention surgical or non-surgical treatment.
  • Surgical procedure done at the OR for inpatient.
  • Outpatient surgical procedure t is done at the day surgery.

Hours of Service Provision

  • Service hours is from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 5-day a week.
  • There is 24 hours on call coverage for the ER orthopedic patient and admitted patients.
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