Department of Remuneration is one of the departments of the Deanship of Admission and Registration means the financial work of the monthly stipends and remuneration of excellence and allowances for external scholarship students and other financial matters related to the students.

Amount of the Stipend

  • Scientific sections (1000)
  • Theoretical sections (850)

For the student fund monthly SR:10 will be deducted from the stipend.

Terms of payment of the monthly stipend

  1. Should be a Saudi student or a non-Saudi student from a Saudi mother or a scholarship student granted from abroad.
  2. Should be a regular student and the student should not exceed the statutory duration of the course.
    • The statutory period shall be calculated with the preparatory year.
    • The periods of postponement and interruptions shall not be counted within the statutory period.
    • Classes of apology and conversion from outside of the university (every 15 unit equivalent to a semester) shall be counted within the statutory period.
  3. The student should not have academic warning.

Mechanism of payment of the stipends

  1. Students admitted to the university must open an account quickly with a Saudi bank and take the IBAN number and enter it into the student register system until the monthly stipend is paid through that account.
  2. The Remunerations Department prepares the monthly payrolls after coordinating with the relevant sections of its works before the remunerations department and then calculating the stipends.
  3. If the student is eligible for the monthly stipend and it is not deposited to his account, he must contact the remuneration department or call (0133332722) or by e-mail (
  4. The right of the student to receive the monthly stipend is waived for those who are delayed to receive it for more than three months.
  5. The student can review the monthly stipend on his / her account in the student records system and can review his / her stipends record.

Reasons for suspension of payment of stipend:

The stipend is not paid in the following cases:

  • Postponed, interrupted, discontinued student for the semester.
  • The student who exceeded the program's statutory period.
  • The student has an academic average cumulative average of less than (2) or less than (2.75) for engineering colleges.
  • The student obtains a disciplinary decision for one semester or more.
  • The visiting student to another university is not paid the stipend until the results arrive from the university and the work of equation of the materials completed on the system of student records.

Bonus of Excellence

The regular student will receive a remuneration of more than SR 1000 if he earns a cumulative average of not less than 4.50 after studying two successive semesters for the same year. The remuneration will be deposited in the student's account.

How to enter the IBAN number in the student records system

  1. Access to the student records system.
  2. Self-service.
  3. Electronic services.
  4. Other.
  5. The IBAN number.

Important Notes Regarding IBAN

  • The IBAN number is made up of 24 cells and starts with SA.
  • The IBAN number is entered once and can only be modified through the Remuneration Department.
  • The new students and the student transferred to the university must open quickly an account to a Saudi bank and take the IBAN number and enter it into the student register system so that the monthly allowance is paid.
  • The student will be responsible for the delay or mistake in the introduction of the IBAN number.
  • The account must be in the student's name to match the student's civil registration number with the civil registration number of the bank account.

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