Department of Remuneration is one of the departments of the Deanship of Admissions and Registration and it manages all the financial work of the monthly remunerations, excellence rewards, allowances for external scholarship students and other financial matters related to students.

Amount of the Stipend

  • Scientific departments  (1000 SR)
  • Theoretical departments  (850 SR)

For the student fund, a monthly 10 SR will be deducted from the remuneration.

Monthly Remuneration Terms and Conditions:

  1. The student should be a Saudi student or a non-Saudi student from a Saudi mother or an external scholarship student.
  2. The student should be a regular student and the student should not exceed the standard study duration.
    • The standard duration is calculated with the first joint year or the foundation year of the colleges. 
    • Postponed and discontinued semesters are not counted within the standard study duration.
    • Apology semesters, and external transfer from another university semesters (every 15 credit hours are equivalent to one semester) are counted as part of the standard study duration.
  3. The student should not have been on academic probation.

Remunerations Disbursement Policy

  1. New students must open an account with a Saudi bank and enter the bank account IBAN number in the Student Information System (SIS) in order for the monthly remuneration to be paid through that account.
  2. The Remunerations Department prepares the monthly payrolls after coordinating with the relevant departments and calculating the remunerations.
  3. If the student is eligible for the monthly remuneration and it is not deposited to his\her account, he\she must contact the remuneration department via e-mail ( call (0133332737).
  4. The student's right to the monthly remuneration is waived if he/she does not collect the remuneration for more than three months.

Reasons for Suspension of Remuneration:

The remuneration is not paid in the following cases:

  1. The student is inactive during semester (postponement, discontinuation due to lack of enrollment, discontinuation due to continuous absence, apology withdrawal, or dismissal for disciplinary reasons).
  2. The student has exceeded the standard duration of the study program.
  3. The student has received academic probation for obtaining a cumulative GPA of less than (2.0) or (2.75) for Engineering, Architecture, Design, Dentistry Colleges.
  4. Visiting student to another university is not paid the remuneration until the accredited results are received from the visited university and the equivalency of credits and courses is completed on the Student Information System (SIS).

Excellence Reward

The regular student will receive an excellence reward of SR 1000 if he\she earns a cumulative GPA of no less than 4.50 after completing two successive semesters in the same year. The reward will be deposited in the student's account.

How to enter the IBAN number in the student records system

  1. Access to the student records system.
  2. Electronic services.
  3. Other.
  4. The IBAN number.
  5. Choose your bank – add your IBAN
  6. Save

Important Notes Regarding IBAN

  1. The IBAN number consists of 24 digits and starts with SA.
  2. New students and those transferred to the university must create an account to a Saudi bank and enter their IBAN into the student information system (SIS) so that the monthly remuneration is paid.
  3. The student will bear any consequences of delay or error in the entering of the IBAN number.
  4. The account must be under the student’s name so that the student’s national ID number matches the bank account’s national ID number.

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