The Registration Department is responsible for providing all academic services to IAU students, starting from admission until graduation.

Electronic services (student records system); conditions and admission steps

Registration of courses

A regular student can register courses according to the study scheme in the registration plan for each academic semester. 

Course Registration Steps

Student Homepage→ Manage Classes → Student Center→ Search for a Class → Select the Courses → Add to Shopping Cart → Shopping Cart → Enroll.

Re- enrollment after interruption

Conditions of re-enrollment

The student whose record is closed may apply for re-enrollment by registering his/her university and national ID number according to the following regulations:

  • Applying for a re-enrollment should be within four semesters from the date of the enrollment interruption.
  • Re-enrollment should be agreed upon by the concerned college's council and relevant authorities.
  • A Student may not be re-enrolled more than once, but the University Council has the authority to make exceptions only if necessary.
  • It is not permissible to re-enroll an academically expelled student.

How to apply for re-enrollment

Student Homepage → E-Services → Status Change Applications → Rejoin Application workflow → Add a New Value → Add → write the reason→ Submit. 

Leave of Absence

  • A student may apply for a Leave of Absence for a semester without being considered failed after receiving acceptance from the Dean or his/her assistant who are responsible for coordinating and approving your leave.  The leave should be requested before the end of the thirteenth week of the semester, after which the leave is approved by the college council or by its authorized representative.
  • In the annual system, the student may apologize for continuing his/her studies before the end of the twenty-sixth week of the academic year, taking into consideration the results of the quarterly subjects studied by the student. After that, the apology is approved by the college council or its authorized representative.

How to apply for a Leave of Absence

Student Homepage →E-Services → Status Change Applications → Apology Application → Add a New Value → Add → write the Reason→ Submit.

Studying outside the University

The visiting student is a student who studies some of his/her courses at another university or in a branch of the university to which he belongs without transferring to it, and the studied courses will be equated according to the following rules:

  •  An advance approval from the student's college to study in another college or university.
  •  Studying must be in a recognized college or university.
  •  The course taken by the student in the other university should be equivalent to the courses included in the graduation requirements.
  •  If the visiting student is studying in one of the university's branches, the process will be in accordance with Article (47).
  •  The University Council determines the maximum number of units of study that can be calculated from outside of the university for the visiting student.
  •  The grades of the courses that are equivalent to the visiting student from the other university are not calculated within the cumulative average, and the courses are confirmed in the academic record.
  • Any other conditions that might be decided by the University Council.

How to Apply for a Visit Outside of the University

 Student Homepage →E-Services →Visiting Applications →Visit to Another University→ Add a New Value → Add → Fill out the form including (the name of the university you wish to visit – your regular courses at the university - courses at the intended university; including (Course Code + number of hours) and attach the description of the courses → Submit.

Specialization Choice

If the student passes the general program courses in the college, he/she can choose a specialization according to conditions determined by the College Council and in accordance to the vacant seats in each specialization. 

How to apply to a specialization

Student Homepage →E-Services →Preferences Selection → Major Preference Selection→ Add new value → Generate → Arrange the Wish by Choosing Section → Save.

Switching between university colleges

The college council may approve applications for transfer from other colleges within the university according to the following rules:

  1. He/she must have spent at least two academic semesters in the college he/she wishes to transfer from. And should have no less than (24) units enrolled in his academic record.
  2. The student should not be excluded from his/her original college.
  3. The applicant's cumulative grade should be at least (2 out of 5).
  4. The student must be enrolled in a college that follows the same preparatory year program as the one he/she wishes to transfer to nevertheless, the college council has the right to exclude this condition if they see it necessary.
  5. Transfer between university colleges shall be done only once while studying at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.
  6. The student must apply for transfer through the student records system and according to the timetable set by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration.
  7. Any other conditions determined by the College Council.
  8. Transfer applications from a college with a preparatory year program to another after lodging will be dealt with according to rule number (1).


How to Apply for switching between university colleges

Student Homepage →E-Services →Program Transfer Applications → Transfer College Application → Add new value → Add → Select the college → Submit.


This service is for preparatory year students. After completing the preparatory year program, the student may apply for accommodation to choose the appropriate college after fulfilling the college requirements and according to the vacant seats.

Accommodation Application Mechanism

 Student Homepage →E-Services →Preferences Selection → General Preference Selection → Add new value → Generate → Arrange the Wish by Choosing College→ Save.

Registration Requests

If the student could not register, he/she could apply for one of the following registration methods which should obtain approval from the College.

(Closed Section - Overcoming requirement - Time conflict - Exceeding the statutory duration of graduation - Registration of extra hours for graduates - Courses from two lower levels - Courses from two higher levels).


How to Apply for a Registration Request

Student Homepage →E-Services → Enrollment Request→ Enrollment Request Overflow→ Add a New Value → Add → Select Type of Request→ Submit.


  • A student may apply for a postponement with an excuse that should be accepted by the University Council, on the condition that the postponement period does not exceed two consecutive semesters or three non-consecutive semesters. The duration of the postponement will not be counted within the period required to complete the graduation requirements.
  • A student who is enrolled in the semester system can apply for the postponement by the end of the second week of the semester. The student who is enrolled in the annual system may submit the application by the fourth week of the academic year.


How to apply for a postponement

 Student Homepage → E-Services → Status Change Applications → Postpone Application → Add a New Value → Add → Write the reason → Submit.

Studying in different colleges of the University

  • Approval from the student's college is required to study in different colleges of the University with determining the courses taught at the other college that should be equivalent to the student's study plan.
  • The student is required to have studied a semester in his/her accepted college and to have scored at least 12 credit hours in his academic record Then he/she will receive admission for studying in different colleges of the University.

How to Apply to Study in Different Colleges of the University

Student Homepage →E-Services→Visiting Applications →Internal Visit Workflow → Add a New Value → Add →Select College and Courses → Submit.

Change specialization within the college

The college council may approve applications for transfer from one specialization to another within the college according to the following rules:

  • Meet the enrollment conditions of the required specialization that are specified by the College Council.
  • The transfer shall be for one time throughout the period of study in the college.
  • To meet any other conditions determined by the College Council.


How to Apply for Change of Specialization

Student Homepage →E-Services →Program Transfer Applications → Major Transfer Application → Add new value →Add →Change Specialization within College→ Submit.

Withdrawal from a course

  • During the first week of the academic semester, the student has the right to modify his/her registration in accordance with the approved academic plan of the college and within the permitted academic limit. And who doesn't register within this week the student will be considered withdrawn. 
  • A student may withdraw from one or more courses according to the following rules: 
  1. should not exceed the end of the tenth week from the beginning of the academic semester for the semester courses, and the twentieth week from the beginning of the academic year for the annual courses. The student will be given a grade (ع) or (W).
  2. The number of remaining units should not be less than the minimum limit as mentioned in the fourth paragraph of the executive rules from Articles 5 through 7.
  3. The college's Dean or his authorized representative shall consider withdrawing from one or more courses for those whose academic load is less than the minimum (after withdrawal) and those who have not been able to register the minimum academic load.


Application Mechanism for Withdrawing from a Course

Student Homepage → E-Services → Enrollment Request → Drop Class Request Workflow→ Add a New Value → Add → Select the Course→ Submit.


Disclaimer: In case the student wishes to withdraw from the university, he/she must submit a disclaimer request to be approved by the relevant authorities. 

How to Submit a Disclaimer Request

Student Homepage → E-Services → Clearance Applications → University Clearance Request → Add a New Value → Select a Withdrawal Reason → Withdrawal from University → Add → Write the Reason → Submit. 


Transferring Credits

The student who is transferred from outside of the university may apply for the equivalent of the courses that were studied at the previous university to be exempted from them, on the condition that the equations exceed 50% of the graduation requirements.


How to Apply for Credit Transfer 

 Student Homepage → E-Services→ Transfer Credit Applications → Transfer Credit CC Application → Add a New Value→ Add → Attach the description of the courses → Submit.

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