Program Name

Diploma in Administrative Communication Skills for the Deaf (ACSD)

Program Degree

Associate Diploma - after high school.

Program Duration

One year - two semesters (24 hours)

Program Mission

Preparing deaf male and female students academically and professionally for what qualifies them to achieve themselves, and the principle of equal opportunity comparing with their hearing peers as a one of the pillars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vision 2030.

Program Objectives

  1. Preparing qualified human resources that contribute to advance the development process  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Preparing a conscious and educated generation that capable to face future challenges.
  3. Seeking to provide deaf students with specialized certificate to help them obtain jobs in various sectors.
  4. Achieving the principle of equal opportunities for deaf and hearing people to obtain educational and career opportunities.
  5. Empowering deaf students academically and professionally by preparing them and developing their language and practical skills.

Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must be graduated from high school not more than five years.
  2. Obtaining a high school certificate with an average of no less than 85% from Al-Amal Institutes and no less than 70% from general education schools.
  3. The medical report proves the existence of a hearing loss, whether from a government agency or an IAU university hospital.
  4. The medical report proves the absence of any other disability (sensory or mental).
  5. Passing the personal interview that will be hold by the admission committee.
  6. Passing the IQ test (Wechsler scale-4) that prepared by the admission committee.
  7. Passing the sign language comprehension test that prepared by the committee.

The expected number of the students will be between (10 to 20) males and (10 to 20) female, and they will be selected from the deaf students who have passed the previous requirements.

Program Courses

(2 hours per course)

level one:

  • Language development
  • Arabic Language Grammar Basics
  • Arithmetic Skills Developing 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Basics
  • Reading Comprehension Developing 
  • Field Observation

Second Level:

  • Management knowledge and skills
  • Administrative Work Applications
  • Expressive Writing Development
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Develop Managerial and Functional Terms
  • Field Training

Application Deadlines for 1445 AH 

Starts: Sunday 20/08/2023 (04/02/1445 AH).

Ends: Thursday 24/08/2023 (08/02/1445 AH) At 12:00 PM.



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