University Dorah Competition

The competition is an annual competition for University female students it is presented by the Deanship of Student Affairs. The main goal of the competition is to raise the level of competition between students on the scientific and social levels through gaining distinction in educational attainment, participation in community service events and representing the University’s exterior assemblies.
Organizing Agency
The Vice Deanship of University Studies for female Student Affairs

Terms & Conditions to Participation in the Competition

All IAU students are illegible to participate in the competition.
Participation Conditions:

  • Students should have completed one or more academic year at the University.
  • The participating student’s GPA should not be less than 3.75 out of 5.
  • The student should be distinguished with an effective and vital role in student activities inside the college and the University.
  • The previous champion of “the College Dorah “pearl” is not permitted to participate in the current competition.
  • The current academic year graduates are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  • Submit an innovative project that serves the University's community.
  • If the previous conditions apply to you, then you are illegible to register in the competition and you should submit the following papers:
    1. Your Academic Record.
    2. Fill out the competition form.
    3. Attach a photocopy of the University ID.
    4. Provide the required participation certificates.
  • Each college will form a committee to choose the college Dorah, the committee should have one member from the Vice Deanship of Female Student Affairs.
  • The Colleges Dorah Evaluation Points:

    Cumulative Average

    The student’s cumulative average for all the achieved semesters and will be granted 20 points.

    Evaluation Process

    1. Cumulative Average (Student Grades x 20) ÷ 5
    2. Participation in the Deanship of Female Student Affairs activities will be granted 20 points.
    3. Participation in college activities will be granted 10 points.
    4. Participation in representing the University will be granted 20 points.
    5. Participation in community service activities will be granted 15 points.
    6. Student talents will be granted 15 points.
    7. The personal interview will be evaluated for 10 extra points.
    8. Participation Calculation points in activities or representing the (University – college- or the Deanship of Female Student Affairs):
    9. For every activity the student holds; either in or outside of the University. She will be awarded 2 points with explaining her achieved role.
    10. Attendance of activities held by the college or the Deanship of Female Student Affairs without having an active role; the student will be granted 1 point for every activity.
    11. The accepted activities will start from September 2013.
    12. Student talents such as: (recital of parts of the Holy Quran – recital of the Hadith – innovations – scientific research – designing – singing) or other talents that the committee considers as so.
    13. In case the student provides a scientific research paper, she will be granted 5 points and if she discusses her paper in an inside or outside conference she will receive 5 extra points.
    14. Every talent will gain 1 point out of 15 for the talent section. The student that can recite the whole Quran by heart will receive 5 points and who is proficient in the English Language will be granted 2 points.
    15. Community Service is that the student volunteers in a work that serves the community and she should provide proof of that. Every activity will be granted 1 point.
    16. Community service will be accepted starting from July 2013.
  • The Winners of the College Dorah will receive:
    1. A Certificate.
    2. A Tablet.
    3. 5000 SAR.
  • If the student is illegible to compete in the University Dorah Competition:
    1. The Cumulative average will be excluded.
    2. The student will be evaluated according to the points she received in the College Dorah Competition as well as a personal interview carried out by a committee that consists of members form the Deanship of Female Student Affairs.
    3. 10 points will be granted by voting on a private link that will be posted later on.

Competition Dates

Period Date
Beginning of registration 3/4/1439 H
End of registration 8/5/1439 H
Receiving candidate papers from colleges 13/5/1439 H
Candidate interviews 18 - 22/5/1439 H
Dorah interviews 2 - 6/6/1439 H
Dorah Ceremony 25/6/1439 H

Competition Coordinators

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College Dorah and University Dorah Competition Form

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Names of the female students who have been awarded the title of Dora University





Manal Al-Ghamdi

College of Business Administration


Aisha Al-Qaruni

College of Applied Studies and Community Service


Reem Al-Ghamdi

College of Business Administration


Naglaa Al-Majarbi

College of Arts


Manal Sheikh

College of Business Administration


Naila Al-Amoudi

College of Medicine





Fajr Al-Dalijan

College of Medicine

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