College & University Najm Competition


Within the role of the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) to accomplish the goals of extracurricular activities within the colleges. The Deanship annually holds the College Star Competition that helps in uncovering students' talents and capabilities and to spread the spirit of competition among IAU students. The winners of the College Star competition will continue to compete for the University Star competition.


It is a general student competition for all regular bachelor program students. Each college selects one student to become the College Star who will be automatically nominated in the University Star Competition.


  1. To encourage students to study hard.
  2. To uncover students’ talents and capabilities.
  3. o provide students with communications, dialogue and persuading skills.
  4. To initiate a healthy competitive atmosphere among students.
  5. To encourage student participation in activities to accomplish the extracurricular activities' goals.
Competition Coordinator

Ali Alzahrani
Tel: +966535575347

University Stars

College Name Year
College of Dentistry Hatim Alqurashi 2011
College of Architecture and Planning Abdullah Almuhaidib 2012
College of Education Ahmed Al Qahtani 2013
College of Business Administration Yazan Almeman 2014
College of Medicine Hamad Alfryyan 2015
College of Applied Studies and Community Service Abdulrahman Alsaleh 2016
College of Dentistry Abdulrahman Alshoaibi 2017
College of Applied Studies and Community Service Amer Alessi 2018
College of Medicine Abduleilah Alharbi 2019

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