Ongoing research

  1. The effect of probiotic consumption on glycemic and inflammatory markers and body composition of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus- A double blinded randomized controlled trial.
  2. A cross-sectional evaluation of the dietary patterns of multiple sclerosis patients in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
  3. Study of the Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Properties of Gongolis Fruit Pulp (Adonsonia Digitata) Extracts on Experiemnetal Animals.
  4. Understanding mental health status, psychiatric disorders, eating disorders and quality of life of obese subjects post bariatric surgery: a systematic review
  5. The association between metformin use and vitamin B12 deficiency among type 2 diabetes mellites.
  6. Association between iron deficiency with or without anemia and the cognitive functions among university students in Saudi Arabia.
  7. The relationship between dietary intake, physical activity, body composition and academic achievement among female students of medical colleges.
  8. Ameliorated effect of yogurt supplemented with pumpkin seeds oil on the metabolic biomarkers and childhood autism rating scale (CARS) among Saudi autistic children
  9. Comparison between bariatric surgeries and GLP1 in the short term in terms of Quality of life.
  10. Oxalate determination of commonly consumed foods in Saudi Arabia
  11. Application of Bayesian statistics in Nutrition research
  12. Factor analysis techniques in Nutrition research.
  13. Enteral feeding practices in very preterm infants.
  14. Nanoformulations of Adiponectin and Caffeloquinc Acid Derivatives as Promising Therapeutic Agents in Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, In Vitro and In Vivo Studies.
  15. Impact of calorie labeling on consumers choice at restaurants.
  16. Current practice of Eating Disorder in KSA.
  17. Validation of EDE-Q in KSA.
  18. Adherence to long-acting injectable antipsychotics and its determinants: A Saudi Scenario.
  19. Effect of intensity on tone burst evoked auditory late responses in normal hearing individuals

2023 Research

  1. Goja, A., S. Al-Otaishan, L. Al-Awami, N. Ali, Z. Al-Faraj, E. Al-Kulayf, Z. Al-Sukairi, O. Abuzaid, T. Sebastian, and R. Khattab.(2023). “Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Bone Health Among Female University Students: A Pilot Study”. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, vol. 35, no. 8, June 2023, doi:10.9755/ejfa.2023.3131
  2. W Aldhamen, M Aldoulah, Z Alghazwi, B Almoathen, Y Almossa, Z Alsalem, R Algarni, TS., Purayidathil., OI Abuzaid., R Khattab Y al Gindan. (2023). Food delivery applications and fast-food consumption during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study. Nutrition & Food Science,  doi: 10.1108/nfs-02-2023-0030.
  3. AlDarwish N, AlSaab A, AlQusair D, AlWahsh I, Sebastian T, AlGindan Y.(2023). Dietary pattern, physical activity and body composition of Children with and without Down Syndrome - A case control study. J Intellect Disabil. 2023 Dec 11:17446295231219618. doi: 10.1177/17446295231219618. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38073543.
  4. Gibson R, Lewis J, Hilberink A, Philippou E, Wilson D, Theobald HE, Sum K, David D, Alawfi JS, Roper HJ, Makinwa F, Lessons G, Clark A, Maynard N, Viner L, Hall WL .(2023). Proceedings of a roundtable event 'Workplace Diet and Health - priorities for researchers and practitioners'. Nutr Bull. 2023 Mar;48(1):144-153. doi: 10.1111/nbu.12605. Epub 2023 Feb 2. PMID: 36727658.
  5. J.S. Alawfi , L. AlGhamdi .(2023). The Effect Of Carbohydrates Intake, Free Sugars, And Ketogenic Diet On Cancer Development; Critical Review Of The Literature.Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. Volume 54, April 2023, Page 588. DOI:

2022 Research

  1. AlThuneyyan DA, AlGhamdi FF, AlZain RN, AlDhawyan ZS, Alhmly HF, Purayidathil TS, AlGindan YY and Abdullah AA (2022) The Effect of Breastfeeding on Intelligence Quotient and Social Intelligence Among Sevento Nine-Year-Old Girls: A Pilot Study. Front. Nutr. 9:726042. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2022.726042  
  2. Omar I Abuzaid, Shrifah A Alkhalaf, Hanoof A Alessa, Sumayyah A Al-Ghamdi, Sarah S Bawazier, and Mohammed S Badr-Eldin. Relationship between Food Habits and Body Weight of Saudi Adolescent Females, Cross-Sectional Study. JANS2022; Jan 1(1): 26-37. 
  3. Bektas S, Keeler JL, Anderson LM, Mutwalli H, Himmerich H, Treasure J. Disgust and Self-Disgust in Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Nutrients. 2022; 14(9):1728. 
  4. Elsaadany MA, AlTwejry HM, Zabran RA, AlShuraim SA, AlShaia Wa, Abuzaid OI, AlBaker WI (2022) Antihyperglycemic Effect of Fenugreek and Ginger in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Study. Current Nutrition & Food Science. 
  5. Khattab R, Albannawi M, Alhajjmohammed D, Alkubaish Z, Althani R, Altheeb L,  Ayoub H, Mutwalli H, Altuwajiry H, Al-Sheikh R, Purayidathil T, Abuzaid O, (2022)  Metformin-Induced Vitamin B12 Deficiency among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus' Patients: A Systematic Review. 
  6. Khattab, R., Al-Alwy, S., Al-Ateeq, T., Al-Hwiesh, R., Al-Saeed, B., Al-Tuwairish, M., Al-Rubaian, S., Goja, A., Al-Otaishan, S., Purayidathil, T., & Abuzaid, O. (2022). COVID-19 pandemic afflicts lifestyle and dietary habits of female university students. International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health, 9(9), 3418–3425.
  7. M. Elsaadany, Hussah M. AlTwejry, Rwabi A. Zabran, Sara A. AlShuraim, Wala'a A. AlShaia, Omar I. Abuzaid, W. Albaker (2022) Antihyperglycemic Effect of Fenugreek and Ginger in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Study. Current Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 18, Issue 2, [231 - 237].
  8. RY Khattab.(2022). Physicochemical Quality and Thermal Stability of Vegetable Oils during Deep-Fat Frying of Potato Chips. Current Nutrition & Food Science, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2024, 337 - 348.
  9.  Metwally RS, Abdullah AA, AlAmmar WA, Sebastian T. Are dietary pattern associated with alexithymia in Saudi adults? Nutrition and Health. 2022;0(0). doi:10.1177/02601060221115508
  10.  MA Gharib, HM Ayoub, TS Purayidathil, NH Al-Qahtani, RS Metwally. (2022). Effect of Maternal Dietary Consumption Pattern of Thyme and Sesame on Fasting Blood Glucose among Women with Gestational Diabetes. Journal of Applied Nutritional Sciences, PP: 39-49.
  11.  Alyahya, W., Simpson, J., Garcia, A. L., Mactier, H., Young, D., & Edwards, C. A. (2023). Association between Early Feeding Patterns and Neonatal Outcomes in Very Preterm Infants: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Neonatology120(1), 71–80. 
  12.  Al-Kahtani N, Almurayh A, Subbarayalu AV, Sebastian T, Alkahtani H, Aljabri D. Sustaining blended and online learning during the normal and new normal conditions in a Saudi higher education institution: health science students' perspectives. Heliyon. 2022 Oct 4;8(10):e10898. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2022.e10898. PMID: 36247156; PMCID: PMC9562221.

2021 Research

  1. Nihal Saleh Al-Anazi, Razan Tariq Aqeel, Fatimah Hussain Al-Shawaker, Zainab Ali Al-Dahneem, Reham Shawky Metwally, Ahmed Amr Abdalla, Omar Ibrahim Abuzaid, Tunny Sebastian. The association between dietary intake of omega-3 and cognitive abilities among Saudi female university students. International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, Volume 6, Issue 3, 2021, Pages 148-153  
  2. Rizwan Suliankatchi Abdulkader, Venugopal Deneshkumar, K. Senthamarai Kannan, Vijayakumar Koyilil, Angela Tavares Paes & Tunny Sebastian (2021) An application of Markov chain modeling and semi-parametric regression for recurrent events in health data, Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications, DOI: 10.1080/23737484.2021.1973926 
  3. Muraliharan JS, Jacob TJK, Bollu BK, Graf N, Sebastian T, Thomas G. Surgical management of the acute paediatric scrotum: a three-year single centre experience. ANZ J Surg. 2021 Nov;91(11):2514-2517. doi: 10.1111/ans.17231. Epub 2021 Sep 29. PMID: 34585831 
  4. Asma Y. Alsulaim, Faisal Azam, Tunny Sebastian, Fathelrahman Mahdi Hassan, Sayed AbdulAzeez, J. Francis Borgio, Faisal M. Alzahrani. The association between two genetic polymorphisms in ITGB3 and increase risk of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, Volume 29, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 183-189, ISSN 1319-562X, 
  5. El-Masry OS, Goja A, Rateb M, Owaidah AY, Alsamman K. RNA sequencing identified novel target genes for Adansonia digitata in breast and colon cancer cells. Sci Prog. 2021 Jul-Sep;104(3):368504211032084. doi: 10.1177/00368504211032084. PMID: 34251294. 
  6. Alammar, W., Goja, A., Purayidathil, T., & Khattab, R. (2021). COVID-19 Impact on Food Safety Perception among Saudi Women. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 13(12), 18-24. 

2020 Research

  1. George Thom, Stephan U. Dombrowski, Naomi Brosnahan, Yasmin Y. Algindan, M. Rosario Lopez-Gonzalez, Giles Roditi, Michael E. J. Lean & Dalia Malkova (2020) The role of appetite-related hormones, adaptive thermogenesis, perceived hunger and stress in long-term weight-loss maintenance: a mixed-methods study, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition volume 74, pages622–632(2020),
  2. Antony Bou‐Francis  Marta Piercey  Omar Al‐Qatami  Gianfranco Mazzanti  Rabie Khattab  Amyl Ghanem (2020) Polycaprolactone blends for fracture fixation in low load‐bearing applications, Journal of Applied Polymer Science,15 January 2020
  3. Welayah A. AlAmmar, Fatima H. Albeesh & Rabie Y. Khattab (2020) Food and Mood: the Corresponsive Effect, Current Nutrition Reports, 
  4. Khattab, R. Y., Ammar, W. A. A., & Purayidathil, T. S. (2020). Consumers’ Knowledge and Perception towards Organic Foods: A Cross-Sectional Study. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 12(10), 112-124. 
  5. Eltigani O.M. Omer, Arafat M Goja, Kawther I.A. Elhag, Omayia M. A. Gadalrap. Haematobium Schistosomiasis Prevalence Among School Age Children In Irrigated Schemes At Shendi Locality, River Nile State, Sudan: Implication Of Behavior And Risk Factors Majmaah J Heal Sci. Year: 2020, Volume: 8, Issue: 1: 23-35.    DOI: 10.5455/mjhs.2020.01.004
  6. Aljanahi A, Hadhiah H, Al-Nasr W, et al. The Effect of Dietary Intake of Vitamin D on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Nutrition and Metabolic Insights. January 2020. doi:10.1177/1178638820932164
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  8. AlAmmar WA, Albeesh FH, Sebastian T, Arafat M Goja. How Can Dietary Habits Effects on Dysmenorrhea among Health Track Students – A Cross Sectional Study (2020). European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 10.9734/ejnfs/2020/v12i1130327
  9. Sadath1 M Syed, Ghamdi1-Al Ali, Bakheet1 O Adel, Goja2 M Arafat, 1*Kheiralla M A O , Association of Body Mass Index, Age, and Gender with Bone Mineral Density in Patients Referred to King Fahad University Hospital (2020) . Journal of the North for Basic and Applied Sciences (JNBAS). ISSN- e / 1658-7022.
  10. Jumanah S Al-Awf (2020) , Zinc may have a potential role in taste malfunctions treatment for COVID-19 patients . Integrative Food, Nutrition and Metabolism.

2019 Research

  1. Han T, Al-Gindan YY, Hankey C, Leslie W, Govan L, Lean MEJ. Association of BMI, waist circumference, body fat, and skeletal muscle with type 2 diabetes in adults. Springer:  Acta Diabetologica. 2019. Doi:10.1007/s00592-019-01328-3) (PMID:30927105)
  2. Han T, Al-Gindan YY, Hankey C, Leslie W, Govan L, Lean MEJ Association of body fat and skeletal muscle with hypertension. Journal of clinical hypertension. 2019. 21(2). P230-239.
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  4. Mamoun A. Homaida, Yassin Haran, Eltigani O.M. Omer, Mohamed Elfatih Hassan, Arafat M. Goja. Antimicrobial activity of the seed extracts of Carthamus tinctorius, Moringa oleifera, and Jatropha curcas on pathogenic bacteria. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 18(1):20-24.2019
  5. Alahmary, S. A., Alduhaylib, S. A., Alkawii, H. A., Olwani, M. M., Shablan, R. A., Ayoub, H. M., … Khattab, R. Y. (2019). Relationship Between Added Sugar Intake and Sleep Quality Among University Students: A Cross-sectional Study. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.
  6. Alyami, S., Alqahtani, M., Alsadah, H., Altumaysi, N., Abuzaid, O., & Goja, A. (2019). Association between dietary intake and bone density among female Students at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health, 6(11), 4699-4705. doi:
  7. Al-Beesh, F., Al-Ammar, W., & M. Goja, A. (2019). Assessing the Knowledge, Behavior and Practices of Food Safety and Hygiene among Saudi Women in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 10(3), 178-186.
  8. Welayah Ali AlAmmar, Fatima Hassan Albeesh, Layla Makki Ibrahim, Yasmin Yussuf Algindan, Lamya Zohair Yamani & Rabie Yousif Khattab (2019) Effect of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil supplementation on multiple sclerosis: a systematic review, Nutritional Neuroscience, DOI: 10.1080/1028415X.2019.1659560
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2018 Research

  1.  Impact of Flaxseed Oil and Walnuts on osteoporosis among Postmenopausal women in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical  , Biological and Chemical Sciences ( ISSN : 0975-8585 ) ,  May–June 2018 RJPBCS 9(3) , Pages :401-409.[48].pdf 
  2.  Liang, J., Zago, E., Nandasiri, R., Khattab, R., Eskin, M., Eck, P. & Thiyam Holländer, U. Effect of Solvent, Preheating Temperature, and Time on the Ultrasonic Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Cold Pressed Hempseed Cake. J Am Oil Chem Soc. (2018).  
  3. Nutritional status of gestational diabetes of resident’s women in eastern province of Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development. Volume 5 Issue 11; November 2018; Page No. 60-65. 
  4.  Mohamed Hassan, GuangLong Liu; Eltigani Omer; Arafat M. Goja. Silver embedded C-TiO2 exhibits improved photocatalytic properties with potential application in waste water treatment. Arabian Journal of Chemistry 2018. 
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2017 Research

Effect of aqueous extract of tops of date palm leaves on blood glucose of diabetic rats. MS Ismail, OI Abuzaid, IM El-Ashmawy, Pak J Pharm Sci. 2017 Sep; 30(5(Supplementary)):2031-2037. 

2016 Research

  1. Anna Peeters, Stephanie Tanamas, Emma Gearon, Yasmin Al-Gindan, Michael E. J. Lean. Beyond BMI: How to Capture Influences from Body Composition in Health Surveys. Curr Nutr Rep. 2016. 
  2.  Validation of the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaire in Arabs. SA Alkahtni, M Dalton, O Abuzaid, O Obeid, G Finlayson. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2016; 25(2): 257-264. 

2015 Research

Al-Gindan YY, Hankey CR, Govan L, Gallagher D, Heymsfield SB, Lean ME. Derivation and validation of simple anthropometric equations to predict adipose tissue mass and total fat mass with MRI as reference method. Br J Nutr. 2015; 114(11): 1852-67. doi:10.1017/S0007114515003670.  

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