Study in collaboration with the Physical Therapy Department:
"Predictors of gait disturbance in Saudi patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease"

  • Dr.Kalid Ansari, Principal Investigator (Respiratory Care Department).
  • Dr. Noor Alkhtlan, Co Investigator (Respiratory Care Department).
  • Dr. Sultan  Alotaibi, Co PI (Physical Therapy Department).
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahsan, Research Assistant (Physical Therapy Department).

"Comparison of Fractional Exhaled nitric oxide level, T Helper cells cytokines and pulmonary function tests between normal weight and over-weight/obese subjects"

  • Principle investigator: Dr. Noor AL-Khathlan
  • Co-investigator: Dr. Ayad Mohammed Salem Ali, Assistant Professor, Physiology Department, College of Medicine.


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  •  Development and Validation of the Tele-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Acceptance Scale AA Almojaibel, N Munk, LT Goodfellow, TF Fisher, KK Miller, AR Comer, ... Respiratory care, respcare.(2019)

  • Evaluation of Meter Dose Inhaler Use Technique and Response to Three Different Educational Methods in the Eastern Province. Al-Khathlan, N.; Al-Makainzi, S.; Al-Jawad, M.; Al-Abdrubalameer, N. Gulf Thoracic 2017.

Published on: 16 November 2017
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