About the Vice Deanship

The Vice Deanship for Development and Community Partnership aims at the permanent development of the College and upgrading its performance at all levels by preparing appropriate development and training plans for all faculty, staff, and students to improve their performance according to the quality standards applied at the university level.

This Vice-Deanship includes a number of academic and administrative units for the preparation, planning, and implementation of development initiatives at the college level, such as Quality and Accreditation Unit, Faculty Development Unit, Administrative Development Unit, Community Services Unit and others.

This Vice-Deanship has the continuous support from the Deanship of the College and the senior leaders of the University in order to succeed in all its developmental tasks.

Dr. Amani Yousef Owaidah

Vice-Dean for Studies, Development and Community Services
E-mail:  cams.vdsdcs@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 31384 

Published on: 16 November 2017
Last update on: 05 October 2022
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