The Vice Deanship's Units:

Registration Unit

Registration Unit operates under the supervision of the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs and responsible for all aspects with respect to Student Information System [SIS], and in coordination with the Academic Advisors of the scientific departments within the college.

Unit Functions

  1. Review and update the course guides based on the approved the study plan by the authority’s council in the university for each academic program. That includes ,  previous and concurrent requirements of the courses.
  2. Scheduling timetables on the SIS system.
  3. Creating faculty SIS accounts and link them with assigned courses.
  4. Resolving student enrollment and course registration issues that are raised by the academic advisors of respected departments or cannot be resolved electronically by the student.
  5. Resolving student’s enrollment and courses registration issues for low performing students referred by the academic advisor.
  6. Complete the enrolment and courses(s) registration for transfer students and visting students, only based on an official referral from the accepted department.
  7. Ensure the completion of all student’s enrollment by following-up with academic advisor of individual department and report accordingly the lists of students enrolled in each program as assigned by the University's electronic records (SIS).   
  8. Prepare a database for students and faculty members to inform them of new regulations of the college and university.

Academic Advisory Unit

Academic advisor supervises a group of students from the time they enter college until they graduate. A faculty member is nominated as academic advisor and he/she is expected to be familiar with the university's academic plans, rules and regulations. 

Unit Functions

  1. Follow-up with issues concerning student enrollment and registration for each semester.
  2. Understand the details of the academic calendar of enrollment.
  3. Understand the details of the academic calendar of the college.
  4. Study and handle any academic issues referred by the VDAA, that includes:
    • Issues with registration, deletion and addition of courses
    • Transferring and Visiting students.
    • Courses equalization.
    • Issues with low performing students.
    • Postponement, apology and withdrawal of semester.
    • Re-enrollment.
    • Attendance and absenteeism.
  5. Coordinating with the academic counselor in the college to study some exceptional cases that need academic guidance.

Academic Affairs Unit

Academic Affairs Unit is concerned with everything related to the college academically. It plays a key role in the organization which includes internal and external affairs of the college.

Unit Functions

  1. Prepare letters and establish coordination between the College's Academic Affairs and the concerned bodies within and outside the College.
  2. Coordination with all departments of the college to prepare the academic schedules and teaching loads.
  3. Distribution of classrooms.
  4. Prepare the academic calendar of the college.
  5. Prepare the lists of new students in the college.
  6. Preparation and screening and review requests of transfer student to the College.
  7. Review the requests for course equivalization of transferred students to the College.
  8. Preparation and review of lists of expected graduates.
  9. Coordination with the departments of the college to prepare the tables of the final exam.
  10. Preparation of a comprehensive schedule of final examinations and assigning invigilators.
  11. Follow-up on the final examinations.
  12. Updating the rules and regulations of the College.

Academic Counseling Unit

Academic counselor follows up with the social/psychological situation of the referred student and solve their problems under the supervision of the VDAA. The aim is to help the student to adapt to the university life and to modify some thoughts or approaches that help him/her socially and psychologically.

Unit Functions

  1. Introduce the role of this unit to the faculty members within the college to ease the process of referring students. 
  2. Develop a counseling  action plan for  the college 
  3. Dealing with all refereed issued from the VDAA.
  4. Addressing newly appeared behaviors/misconduct within the college.
  5. Studying individual cases.
  6. Addressing individual cases of students who have failed to obtain an academic average of less than 2, which are provided to the unit by the academic advisory unit.
  7. Conducting Training workshops.
  8. Reporting to the VDAA.

Optical Marking Recognition (OMR) Unit

OMR unit is concerned with the use of appropriate hardware and software to mark and analyze the characteristics of the substantive test and to compare manual correction with electronic correction.

Unit Functions

  1. Preparing the necessary equipment for the electronic correction process.
  2. Perform the necessary tests to verify the validity and integrity of the electronic correction process.
  3. Perform the actual correction of the tests.
  4. Provide the Examination and Assessment unit with the required results, statistics and reports.

Examination and Assessment Unit

Examination and Assessment unit is established to raise the quality of evaluation of student performance in the college and by controlling the conduct of examinations in accordance with a policy and procedure that ensures its validity, integrity and reliability.

Unit Functions

  1. Ensure the implementation of the examination quality and assessment rules and regulations of the College before, during and after examinations.
  2. Obtaining the results of the examinations marked using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).
  3. Providing examination analysis report of each course to the course coordinator.
  4. Providing the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs with a final report on the quality of examinations at the end of each semester.
  5. Raising guidance and awareness about the quality of examinations to all the faculty members.
  6. Continuous update of the examination quality and assessment policies and procedures within the college.
  7. Ensure implementation of policies and procedures of examinations and assessment.
  8. Supervise the conduct of exams in the college and provide support as required.
  9. Review and evaluate the exams with appropriate assessment tools and provide feedback with constructive criticism to faculty members.
  10. Create a database by archiving all the records and documents for examinations in the college.
  11. Cooperation with the Center for Examination Quality and Assessment of the Vice President for Academic Affairs office.
  12. Supervising the work of the examination quality and assessment committees of each academic program in the college.
  13. Ensure the quality of examination and assessment of students in the college.
  14. Develop appropriate methods/tools to ensure the quality of exam questions.
  15. Supervising the generation process of question banks for all courses.
  16. Identify strengths, weaknesses and best practices in the college.

E – learning Unit

A unit that provides electronic content for courses and educates faculty and students with the Blackboard Management System.

Unit Functions

  1. Orienting new students to the e-learning management system (Blackboard).
  2. Orienting new faculty members to the e-learning management system (Blackboard).
  3. Developing students' skills in using the e-learning management system.
  4. Developing the skills of faculty members in using the e-learning management system.
  5. Adaptation of traditional courses into electronic courses.

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