The Department of Basic Engineering Sciences is one of the central and pioneering departments in the College of Engineering at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University.

The department offers a number of courses to students in undergraduate engineering programs, including mathematics courses, chemistry, physics, biology and computer science. In addition to some humanities courses including library skills, oral communication, public speaking skills, technical writing, research methodology, and practice of professional ethics.

The department is considered the gateway to the specialized engineering programs departments. It prepares engineering students for the academic expectations in the college. The department assists to equip engineering students with essential knowledge in the central areas of basic sciences and their applications and to acquire the necessary skills that enable them to understand the specialization courses in the following years competently.

Department: Basic Engineering Sciences 

Head of Department: Dr. Jwaher M. AlGhamdi
Phone: +966(13)3331707 

Published on: 27 September 2021
Last update on: 26 March 2023
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