The College Of Medicine Alumni Day is an annual event aiming to gather the MBBS Graduates of the college in a common ground to rekindle relationships like university to its graduates, mentors to its graduates and graduates to their fellow graduates

Alumni Day is conceptualized and spearheaded by Prof. Abdulrahman Hmoud Al Anazi in 2010, who was then the vice – dean for higher studies and research of the college of medicine. A great effort was exerted to bring together contacts and communication from different entities like the chairmen of clinical and pre-clinical departments, from the college registration and admission office, from the colleagues and friends of friends. The collection of email addresses and contact numbers were pass on from one colleague to another. An overwhelming response, help and support were carried out and received. Communication through email and calls were initiated and maintained until we reach confirmation of attendance in the event.
With the full support and cooperation Of His Excellency Prof. Abdullah Al Rubaish, the President of the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, The first alumni day was carried on and has annually been one of the most awaited gathering in the college.
This day brings cheers and smiles to all present while reminiscing college day memories. It opens communication and rekindle friendship among graduates themselves. It also gives inspiration to the young graduates having heard the achievements of the alumni before them.
Every year’s gathering of the alumni is different than the previous ones. It is made sure that it is extra special for every graduate attending the event. Every year honors different batches of graduates. It is one way of letting our graduates feel that they will always be welcome in the university that has always been proud of their achievements.
The greatest pride that a university could ever have is the achievements and inspiring milestones that its graduate has in its career endeavors as well as their accomplishments in person.

Published on: 08 June 2016
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