The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs (VDAA) is concerned with providing tools and positive environment that govern the success of the students as well as achieving excellence in the nursing program. The deanship also directs attention toward bridging the gap between the scientific knowledge and students future carrier. 


  • Supervise units affiliated with academic affairs.
  • Supervise the planning of class schedules in academic departments in coordination with other colleges, and in collaboration with the Dean of Admissions and Registration. 
  • Supervise final examination progression and examination committee formulations. 
  • supervise the implementation of admission and transfer regulations from and to the college, as well as between academic departments.
  • Supervise leave and absence applications, as well as add and drop processes for university-level students in accordance with the set rules and regulations.
  • Supervise graduation lists.
  • Supervise orientation week activities within the College.
  • Direct and guide students, and help solve academic performance problems in coordination with the academic advising unit.
  • Provide the Dean with progress reports of affiliated units in accordance with tasks and difficulties, in a periodic manner.
  • Carry out tasks delegated by the Dean.


Academic Advising and Counselling Unit

The unit is responsible for providing insight, direction and support to students about the academic, social, or personal matters.

Examination & Assessment Unit

The unit is responsible for planning and arranging programmes’ examinations and monitoring the quality of examination and assessment at the College of Nursing.

Admission & Registration Unit

The unit is responsible for overseeing most of the students' affairs issues throughout the students time at the college, beginning with their first year in the college (after preparatory year) until graduation. 

Students’ Affairs & Students’ Activities Unit

The unit is responsible for planning and executing the various extracurricular student activities. 

E-Learning Unit

The unit is responsible for supporting the utilization of the online learning methods by the college faculty and the students. Both the students and faculty are benefiting from a state-of-the-art electronic educational system (Blackboard), which provides fully online, digital course material that is accessible anytime, anywhere.  The Blackbody system is fully integrated into the College of Nursing curriculum.

Published on: 27 June 2019
Last update on: 27 June 2019