The Department of Computer is committed to offer a quality education in the various domains of Computer Science and prepare students for both their professional careers and lifelong learning by enhancing their problem-solving skills and instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards serving their community, society, and the nation in a professional manner. To meet the increasing demand of labor market for accomplished computer science professionals, the Department curranty offers one undergraduate program which is: A Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (CS).


The department of computer seeks to offer distinguished learning experience in the different areas of Computer Science to qualify national workforce who are capable of life-long learning to contribute to sustainable community service through applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


1. Provide a motivated educational environment to assist students with computer skills and knowledge to solve issues in the computer field.

2. Develop the necessary skills in the field of scientific research and preparing innovative entrepreneurial research projects.

3. Promote a teamwork and contribute effectively as an individual or a leader.

4. Prepare female students to take responsibility for continuous learning and to engage in a professional development.

5. Encourage the participation in the social services and the sustainable development.

6. Implement the moral and social values in all scientific and professional practices.



Laboratories of the Department of Computer Science 

 The Department of Computer Science contains seven laboratories, each of 28 personal computers, containing all the programs that are taught in the program of Computer Science. The laboratories aim to provide effective technology that helps in achieving the goals of practical application of departmental outcomes, and to enhance students skills in the related areas. 


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Email: cd.edu.jbl@iau.edu.sa 

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