The Department of Chemistry is an integral part of the educational system in the College of Science. It was established in 1399-1400 AH / 1979-1980 AD as one of the most important scientific departments in the college. The department aims to prepare and graduate specialists with distinguished competencies and skills in the specialty of chemistry to meet the needs of society so that they have the ability to do their duties to the fullest. The department is keen to include in its program several basic courses in the fields of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry. In addition to the research project, through which students refine the abilities of all their studies in preparation for graduation, there is also a two-month field summer training to gain applied field experience.

The department awards a bachelor’s degree in science (majoring in chemistry) in two sub-tracks (the path of chemistry) and (the path of applied chemistry) after successful completion of 154 credit hours including the preparatory year. The study plan enables the learner to link between what she gets from theoretical knowledge and the applied side to it, through a number of practical courses included in the plan. This is exercised in scientific laboratories equipped with many chemicals and devices to fulfill educational and research purposes. These labs also serve the rest of the departments and some other colleges at the university.

The department also awards master and doctoral degrees in four tracks (the path of organic chemistry), (the path of inorganic chemistry), (the path of physical chemistry), (the path of analytical chemistry), after passing 31 credit hours for master degree and 39 credit hours for doctoral degree including thesis.

The tremendous progress in various aspects of basic sciences, especially in chemistry, has led to the growing need for graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills of this science. In line with the Faculty of Science policy towards excellence, the Department of Chemistry seeks to continuously develop its study plan that achieves the goals of the college in general and the goals of the department in particular.

The department includes a group of faculty members with high qualifications and distinguished teaching and research experiences. Many members have received research excellence awards in addition to patents to drive the momentum towards scientific and innovative excellence.

The department is committed with the application of quality and academic accreditation through an active work system with faculty members in order to contribute to the development of the scientific and research level, and to produce a product that meets the needs of the local and global market. This is positively reflecting in the development of our dear homeland in line with the ambitious vision of the country 2030 AD.


Excellence in the chemistry science at the national, regional and international levels


Provide advanced educational and scientific research programs in chemistry fields that meet the needs and aspirations of society


Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Transparency, Diversity, Creativity and Social Responsibility


1. Prepare a qualified national competencies in various chemistry fields to meet the requirements of the labor market.
2. Present distinguishable scientific researches to meet the needs of the community and enhance the communication with other national and international research institutions.
3. Achieve the efficiency in the performance through the development of the educational and administrative staff.
4. Integrate the educational and research tasks into the developments of the international scientific research to be aligned.
5. Participate effectively in community development through various community services.
6. Promote quality management in chemistry programs and create support requirements for them.
7. Provide comprehensive services that meet the various needs of the students and help to accomplish their educational goals.

Published on: 25 April 2019
Last update on: 15 April 2021