It is an official document approved by the university, issued by the Skills Record Unit at the Student Skills Development Center, it monitors and documents all courses, student participation, volunteer work, awards, patents, and scientific research of students during their university journey.

Skills Record Importance

  1. It is considered an approved reference in documenting the experiences and skills acquired by students during studies at the university with an official document approved by the university.
  2. It highlights the student’s most important skills, it monitors student development, clarifies students' strengths and distinctions, and the extent of the student's commitment to develop himself/herself throughout their university journey.
  3. It supports and enriches university students' resume, which gives the student a greater opportunity to compete in the labor market after graduation, and it improves the chances of obtaining work, through the presence of an official record of skills and abilities and works to show the student in a more professional manner.
  4. The skills record project emphasizes the university's professionalism and leadership, due to their keenness in developing their students' competencies and skills which will better equip them for the labor market, and to keep pace with global trends in the integrating between academic skills and professional skills.

Skills Record Goals

  1. Motivating students to participate in events and courses to develop their skills.
  2. Documenting the skills acquired by students during undergraduate studies in non-academic fields.
  3. Supporting students and enriching their CV to benefit from after graduation.
  4. Obtaining an official document from the center proving that they possess personal and professional skills.

Training Courses

  1. Self-development and personality building courses
  2. Management and leadership courses
  3. Computer and Information Technology courses
  4. Specialized training courses

Student Contributions

  1. Volunteer and community services
  2. Student activities
  3. Leadership roles
  4. Specialized conferences and seminars

Awards, Patents, and Scientific Research

  1. Awards in all Fields
  2. Patents
  3. Publishing and Scientific Research.
Published on: 23 February 2022
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