Student Training Unit

It is concerned with coordinating and providing training courses and workshops for male and female students in various fields, such as: self-development, leadership, and technology, in addition to specialized courses related to the university's male and female majors.


  1. Establishing a clear criterion for training courses.
  2. Determining training needs in coordination with colleges by conducting field studies and opinion polls.
  3. Coordination with the various bodies that offer training courses inside and outside of the university.
  4. Proposing several training courses in areas of general skills and competencies.
  5. Preparing and supervising the annual training plan.
  6. Approving and implementing the programs and training courses.
  7. Documenting and archiving the training programs.
  8. Preparing a report on the status of the training courses at the university.

Skills Record Unit


  1. Issuing the skills record.
  2. Adopting specific standards for all areas of the skills record in coordination with the accreditation bodies inside and outside of the university.
  3. Introducing the skills record and increasing the awareness of its importance inside and outside of the university.
  4. Coordinating and supporting other bodies in activating the areas of the skills record, such as: volunteer work, student activities, awards, and innovations inside and outside of the university.
  5. Following up on all the areas of the skills record with all parties inside and outside of the university until they are approved.

Support Services Unit


  1. Introducing the center and increasing the awareness of its role in organizing training courses, designing advertisements, and publishing them in electronic and printed media.
  2. Preparing reports for the center and the skills record.
  3. Managing the center's media accounts and responding to all inquiries through e-mail and contact numbers.
  4. Implementing and following-up on all the center's publications, such as brochures, cards, and training packages.
  5. Managing the center's website and providing technical support to its users.
  6. Electronic and technical linking between all approving entities until an electronic skills record is issued.
  7. Providing technical support before, during and after training, and for all other skills record issuing requirements.
  8. Managing training courses revenue, carrying out accounting tasks related to the center and employee and trainer incentives.
  9. Reservation of rooms for training courses at the university; To benefit from the university's resources in other colleges and deanships.
  10. Management of equipment, software, and equipment for training halls.

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