Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University attempts to keep pace with the best international practices in improving the teaching and learning processes to effectively achieve the outcomes of its programs, improve the skills and experiences of university graduates. It strives to meet the requirements of the job market and to prepare determined and responsible citizens who are aware of the societal challenges and capable enough to contribute to achieving the national 2030 Vision.

Therefore, the vice presidency office of the academic affairs has established a department to provide the university with the best international educational practices in a form of initiatives and programs aimed at developing students’ skills, knowledge, and attitude. Moreover, an important goal is to enhance the capabilities of faculty members and provide them opportunities to develop the best teaching practices that facilitate student learning experiences. The initiatives focus on active learning strategies, practical and field training, student support and other initiatives that prepare graduates for the job market.


To be a distinct regional center for academic excellence.


Establishing a set of academic initiatives considering the world best practices in the fields of course design, content development, teaching and learning strategies, assessment and evaluation, student support, faculty development, and supporting decision-making with evidence-based educational research.


  • Responsibility
  • Support
  • Innovation


  • QASD
  • Practical Teaching Initiative
  • Field Training Initiative
  • Student Support Initiative
  • Student Portfolio Initiative
  • Graduation Projects Initiative
  • Professional Exams Initiative
  • Active Learning Initiative
Published on: 18 October 2017
Last update on: 13 November 2022
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